Sunday, August 15, 2010

What Sunday night is good for...

Rustown Art

Sunday nights are good for making plans for the week ahead, and I have plenty!
Besides the big thing - getting Chloe to the right place at the right time on Thursday, I also want to enjoy the last few days of summer with the boys.  I have to get Scout to band camp every evening at 5, and a couple of nights I want to go watch them practice. I want to get a few dinners made and in the freezer for the first hectic month of school we have coming up. I want to start back up on my walking program to help me lower my cholesterol and feel and sleep better. Gotta do laundry.  Gotta buy food.  Gotta enjoy life a little more than I did last week!
Sunday is good for looking forward to doing all of that, and more!

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