Friday, December 7, 2018

Washer woes

A day or so after Thanksgiving I noticed that the washer had several issues - not agitating, lid not locking while it was running, took forever to fill, and waaay back behind it...was that evidence of a leak?  {turns out, yes}  I called the repair man that came out 5 years ago and replaced the lid switch and after he took a look at it and researched parts they no longer make, he informed that it was time for a new washer.  Well, I guess so - this one was purchased in 1997 when we bought the house!
It was as good a time as any to clean up the laundry nook - repainting some scuffs and places on the wall that I had missed,
...scrubbing the floors, vacuuming behind the dryer and replacing its vent hose, and just generally cleaning it up in there.  Hubby ordered the new washer {based on a recommendation from our repair guy} and we picked it up on Saturday.  It was a quick install and I had time to do one load of towels for my peeps, then we hit the road.  I was not about to give up my Saturday for laundry!
My laundry nook is small but it works! 
When we got home on Sunday evening, I did several more loads...then on Monday morning even more.  The laundry just seemed to never end!  But the new machine seems to do a good job and I even noticed that our things smell great - something I hadn't noticed but failed to connect the dots with the old one.  {I thought it was the soap I was buying!}
It was the background music to my Monday, and it was glorious. 
 And I even put all of the art magnets from my peeps back!  Its a mini art gallery that makes me smile...
I guess we will wait for the next "big trash" day and this one will go out to the curb.  Twenty-one years of hard labor with 6 people, and now I am sold forever on Whirlpool!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Simple mantle for Christmas

I've been keeping the decorating at a minimum for Christmas.  Mostly because I am tired and have limited time to work on it.  But also because I like a simpler look and I know what goes up, will have to come down..
So for the mantel I put the three ceramic tea light Christmas trees up, then tucked in some assorted greenery I had in my stash.
I used up the rest of my burlap ribbon, too - super cheap from Wal-Mart.  I think I paid $4 for a giant roll of it.  I just knotted it and hung it on the existing Command hooks.
I added a few pinecones because I love them! And while I was at it, I dusted the nearby bookcase and added a few things in:
 Just enough to keep it cheery!
 And some it it can stay through winter. 
Easy is the new my kind of decorating!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Mealplan Monday #222

I am cleaning out the freezer yet again this week and using up dabs of stuff
Monday - Roast, mashed potatoes, green beans (need to cook up some potatoes before they go bad)
Tuesday - Pot o' beans with turkey legs, biscuits (also adding in some mire poix that's been in there a while..)
Wednesday - Thanksgiving dressing with pork sausage added, Sunshine Corn, carrots
Thursday - One Pot Pasta (using up some bell peppers, 1/2 a package of elbow macaroni, sketti sauce), zucchini
Friday - Chicken and rice bowls with 1/2 a bag of frozen peas added, Hawaiian crescent rolls
Saturday - Who knows - I'm on call unless someone will take it for me, then I will go to a winery pick-up with Hubby and eat fajitas!
Sunday - Ba$tard BBQ, sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows (baked too many sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving), turnip greens
Dessert this week will be Cranberry oat bars as I have oodles of cranberry sauce left!

Friday, November 30, 2018

6 thing Friday - headwear, marmalade, Westcave, deer, Adelbert's, kid tree

I ordered a cute headband for The Girl and I to wear for the turkey trot:
 Silly and colorful and fun!  Hubby wore a turkey hat.  We three were stylin'.
On one of my favorite blogs, the author talked about making jam out of peach peels - sounded very depression era and intriguing.  So after I squeezed all of the juice out of my mandarin oranges for cranberry sauce, I boiled down the tiny strips of peel and pulp, added sugar, and made my own delicious orange marmalade! 
We took The Girl to Westcave Cellars last Sunday for Pig Pickin's and wine to enjoy along with a live band. They had a firepit that kept us warm and everyone was so friendly.  Tomorrow is their wine club pick-up party and the menu of bacon wrapped smoked tenderloin makes my heart skip a beat.  This is a keeper of a place to enjoy wine out under big trees.
 A minivan loaded with field-dressed deer on their way to processing...only in Burnet.
 Hubby and I took ourselves out for a beer last Saturday and bought some fish and chips from the food trailer parked out front.  Hubby also struck up a conversation with the master brewer who happened by and managed a pull of their soon to be released Cuvee coffee porter.  It was smooth and delightful and I'm sure we will be back when they release it.  They feature local artists too:
See that shape of Texas made of corks?  I want to make one.
We were dog tired at the end of Sunday, but while the turkey soup was simmering along we managed to get the kids' tree decorated.  Lucky for me I figured out the secret of storing this tree:  keep it in the garage with all of its light still attached.  Wonder why it takes me so long to discover these things...In the background you can see my tiny mantel decor {which I hope to improve upon} and Hubby's sparkly effects light bulb.  
And here we are, at yet another weekend!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The tree is up!

The looks on my peeps faces would suggest they did not enjoy this annual tradition of going to the tree farm on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  But they weren't coerced.  And they love a real tree!
We arrived around 11 a.m., and just like the day before, it was cloudy and cool, with no rain which was great.  Teddy is the most excited member of this tree-hunting team!
I think they are over me pointing a camera or phone at them, though...

We found the perfect tree in record time, and though it was their absolute busiest day of the season, the lines and crowds weren't terrible.  They shake the tree out, bag it, and give you a ticket so you know you are paying for, and picking up, the tree you cut down.
We took it home, got it trimmed and in water, ate leftovers...then the decorating stalled.  Everyone was so tired and no one wanted to deal with the mess.  We let the front room sit like this for a while, while we took naps and generally did nothing...Yes, that is mainly Fall decor on my dining table.  And trash by the Teddy gate.
 Later on, we rallied, as you can see, and the front room was ready to usher in the holidays!  {Hubby is enjoying a scotch and water as he admires the tree.}  I took two leaves out of the ginormous dining table and may still store that coffee table. 
It's not as big a tree as last year's, but it is full and pretty and smells amazing.  We also got the kids' tree up, and all of the decor out that I can handle for right now.  I still have several things on my list to accomplish this week - getting the washer repaired, steam cleaning the carpets, buying groceries, and some self-care - but we have a mostly clean and pretty place to land at the end of our workday!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Mealplan Monday #221

The turkey dinner was so good this year!  All of the leftovers either got eaten, or made into a meal to freeze, or put into smaller containers for a lunch at work, or made into 3 portions of meat and broth for soup!  Turkey is such a great value and we LOVE it!
Monday - Chicken Mole, rice, green beans
Tuesday - Beefy Shells Pasta, peas and carrots
Wednesday - Grilled Havaarti and salami with knock-off Chik-Fil-A Superfood Salad
Thursday - BBQ Skillet Pork Chops, mac and cheese, broccoli
Friday - Tilapia, 7 grains, Asian chopped salad
Saturday - Crockpot Beef Stew
Sunday - Eggs, biscuits and cream sausage gravy, fruit cocktail salad

Friday, November 23, 2018

Turkey Day re-cap

I'm feeling a little pooped after yesterday's fun and frolicking - sometimes Thanksgiving wears me out!  So, while Hubby is currently fixing some kind of scrambled eggs for us to enjoy with leftover birthday cake and other desserts, here is the re-cap:  
After putting the bird in the oven, and having coffee and bagels, we went downtown for Turkey Trot along with 20,000 of our closest friends.

{Let's not mention that Hubby and I wore less than optimal shoes for walking 5 miles...the weather was perfect.}  A little cloudy, cool, no rain.
Waiting for our start time on the Lavaca Street bridge, I took a shot of the thousands of humans behind me.  Then after that, I paid attention to navigating through the ones in front of me as I started. After you get past mile two, the crowds thin a little - the serious runners are far ahead and every now and then a small group would run zig-zagging through the crowd.
 I paused now and again to get a shot.  The above photo is shortly after the three mile mark, when I thought I would never make it another 2 miles.  The below photo looks out over Mopac.
 I thought Town Lake was really pretty and Fall-ish:
 We finished up around 1145, and were home by noon!  
I took one photo of my humans in the kitchen as I made side dishes for lunch.  We had some really good sangria and an apricot and brie appetizer that I will definitely make again!
 I lit the candles, we decanted the wine, and proceeded to have a lovely Thanksgiving meal.  We each said what we were thankful for, Hubby said a lovely grace, and we spent the afternoon napping, taking a walk to the greenbelt for photos, and playing cards.  Somewhere in there, we also managed to enjoy a firepit, but I had put my phone down, opting to live in the moment, not the photos...
And today, if we can get moving,  we will get the Christmas tree up and enjoy some pulled pork!  
Happy beginning of the holiday season!


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