Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Weekend re-cap: Porky Pig's, Perissos, Highlands, Bull Creek Brewing Co.

Hubby and I headed to Highlands Saturday morning to drop off some things before we sought out a picnic lunch to take to Perissos.  We kept seeing signs for Porky Pigs BBQ - basically a trailer on a large lot just a few miles down FM 2341.
 The sign on the fence leading into the place made me laugh!
The owner, Randy, was very friendly and his BBQ was VERY good.  He gave us two ribs to try, saying he wanted to make sure we became regular customers...they were falling off the bone tender.
 He had a guy playing guitar in one corner of the yard.  The music was great - had we not had plans to meet my sister and BIL we would have stayed and listened a while.
 Lots of shaded places to eat lunch!  Porky Pig is open until the BBQ sells out - sometimes around 1 in the afternoon.
I never met a pork rib I didn't like, but these were really good.  Just simple seasonings and oak smoke.  We took our ribs to go, sat at the winery for a couple of hours, then at Highlands for a friendly game or two of cards.  It was hot, but pleasant under the oaks with a fan going.  Its great to get to see my family on the weekends!
 The next morning I was up before Hubby to enjoy the sunrise.
 A whitetail deer came along...snorting and stamping at me from several yards away.
Eventually she leaped away and I noticed there were several others with her, so I guess she was the lookout or something.  We ate leftover ribs for breakfast with some eggs and just generally relaxed until noon.  It was just too hot to stay longer, so we headed to a brewery nearby that we had yet to visit.
I liked all of their beers and they had some doozies - the salted caramel porter was amazing, along with a watermelon beer and a couple of shandies with blueberry or raspberry.  We are considering joining their beer club since it is a quick stop from Highlands on Sundays and the beer would work out to about $2.77 for a pint.  We enjoyed a couple of ham sandwiches and a tasting, hanging out for a bit, then headed home.
When we got home I fixed skillet pork chops, brussels sprouts, and creamy mashed potatoes - all of it was so good and both of us were worn out.  This is a pretty busy week for us, so it was nice to get a great meal on Sunday and end on a relaxing note, ready to start our week.  Is July really over??!!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Mealplan Monday #241

Fun painted wall at Fairweather Cider
Monday - Buffalo Chicken Bites, green beans with mini red potatoes
Tuesday - Pork Fajita Salads with queso fresco and tortilla chips
Wednesday - Skillet Salmon, kale
Thursday - Scalloped Potatoes with broccoli, carrots, and ham, dessert night*
Friday - Turkey and Havarti sammies with sliced peppers
Saturday - YOYO
Sunday - Grilled burgers, chips, chilled cantaloupe
*I've decided that its nice to enjoy this once a week - I make enough for three people so it doesn't hang around, tempting us!

Friday, July 26, 2019

5 thing Friday - chicken house, quilt, list, corks, Bubbie

This is the project we helped my mother with last weekend:
Its the floor of the chicken house.  I cannot begin to describe how nasty a project it was.  So I won't.  Just know.  Hubby pulled up the flooring and threw out all of the pine shavings.  Roaches were involved...shudders.
The after - a new vinyl floor and clean pine shavings under the roosts.  Mother says that now some of the chickens are refusing to go inside.  If I owned chickens, they would have a regular chicken wire coop...but that's just me.
 She sent home one of her quilts for Bubbie to take with him to college.
The name of it is Shoo Fly.  I love how she embroiders her artist signature and adds the date she completed it.
 The list of things to do last Saturday cracked me up when I found it in my purse.  Don't forget rat poison and lunch!
 After I got the cork bulletin board home, I quickly set to deconstructing it.  I plan on rearranging the corks, this time laying them all out first BEFORE I start gluing them down.  And I think I will go with a different pattern - stay tuned.
The pile of things for Bubbie's apartment is growing - only 26 days to go, but who's counting?  I pulled these dishes and bullet trash can out of the things Firstborn left in the garage.  We've had that trash can longer than we've had Bubbie...

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Weekend re-cap: Brenham, Saddlehorn, Rohan, Westcave, Family Business

 Last Saturday we traveled to Brenham to help my mother with a big project.  Lets just say that by the time we left, a mere 5 hours later, we were sweaty and tired and in need of some down time.  Much as I like to help my mother, I also need to have weekends to recover from the week!
So we stopped at Saddlehorn Winery in Burton to sit in their air conditioned tasting room and enjoy their Barn Red, which was perfect on a hot day! 
I always really enjoy visiting this winery out in the country and we used to be members of their wine club.  But it is a far piece from Camp Rustown, and the pick-ups were competing with other things we had going on.  So we'll just enjoy visiting there whenever we can!  I really enjoy how they have finished out the inside of their metal building:
 That ceiling!
The walls for the rooms don't go all the way to the top and are edged out with oak trim - very pretty.  Ideas for our place at Highlands - yes, I have a file full of photos of things we see that I love!
 Next stop was a meadery in La Grange at a place called Blissful Folly Farm.
Along with mead they sell cider, wine, and honey.  The tasting room was cool and inviting and the staff was friendly and enthusiastic about their products.  They are a working farm, too.  Lots to do and see here!
 They have their own food truck, feature live music on Saturdays, and you can roam the property - we will definitely go back!
We purchased a growler of pear cider and a couple of fun silicone wine glasses to sit outside in their breezy patio.  Even with temps in the high 90's it was pleasant.
Lots of seating out there for us to bring a picnic - we will go back soon for lunch and music, and maybe a glass or two of their mead - I loved the blackberry one!  We headed home late afternoon and enjoyed some Sushiya from HEB for dinner on our own patio. 
The next day we headed to Westcave Cellars to pick up my bulletin board from their cork art contest.  (fyi - I didn't win, but I am OK with that!)
We were the only customers there for at least an hour, so we enjoyed our Jersey Mike's sammie wraps and some cool wine under their giant shady oaks.  I will never get tired of lunch al fresco under oaks trees!
They had a family band playing - it wasn't on their schedule, so I don't know exactly who they are.  But the guy playing guitar and harmonica was great, and his son and daughter joined him on stage.  By this time there were a couple of other people out there enjoying the music, but it was getting HOT so we headed over to Family Business on our way home.
 I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this place, but my niece is married to the master brewer here, Nate. (and unfortunately, we never see him, since we only ever visit on Sundays) The brewery is owned by the main actor in the show "Supernatural".  Its a great place - huge yard, food trucks, playground for the kids...and usually some live music on the weekends:
But all weekends must end, and after this guy left the stage we headed home.
 And since that was a lot of driving around Central Texas, hopefully the weekend ahead will see us sticking closer to Highlands.

Monday, July 22, 2019

Mealplan Monday #242

Monday - Taco Chicken Quinoa Skillet (beans, corn, onion, tomatoes, peppers)
Tuesday - Pot of Beans with ham, onion and cilantro, Dirt Cups for dessert!
Wednesday - Sauteed Shrimp and Peppers over rice
Thursday - Steak Salads (steak, arugula, romaine, radishes, caper mustard dressing, french fried onion rings)*
Friday - Spinach Gorgonzola Ravioli with walnut pesto cream sauce, honey carrots
Saturday - YOYO
Sunday - Pan Pork Chops, creamy brussels sprouts, yellow squash 

*The idea for this meal came directly from the menu at one of my favorite restaurants and I am going to re-create it at home!

(Bobcat Mom!)

Friday, July 19, 2019

5 thing Friday - Bent Oak, nostalgia, parking WTF, sunset, cookies

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby and I went to a club pick-up at one of our favorite wineries.  We never stay too long at these things, which is a shame, as they do prize raffles and we always miss out!
 But they always have delightful wine and a fun food truck or two, and they are fun folks!
Hubby joined the Texas State Alumni Association when he and Bubbie toured campus.  Had I been there I would have put the squash on that as we will be sending them loads more money very shortly.  But I did enjoy getting this retro keychain with the name of the university as it was when we graduated.
 I noticed this sign one day as I was hoofing it from the far end of a very full parking area (said situation will only get worse as the hospital is going to build another building at the current parking lot site).  I found this slot to be ironically empty.  I don't know why I was surprised at all - neither my boss, nor his boss, ever gives anyone is their departments any positive feedback or kudos AT ALL.
Sunsets at Highlands are lovely.  What you can't see in this photo is swarms of no-see-ums and flies that were pestering us and landing in our glasses of wine.  Plus, it was easily 98 degrees and there was a cacophony of locusts.  #countrylife.
HEB finally gave up on this limited edition flavor of cookies, marking them down to three for $3. (please buy three of them! they may as well have said).  I found them to be tasty but they left a weird "hot" sensation in my mouth.  If you scoop out the filling, the mango flavored cookie is quite nice, tho.  Worth every penny of $1.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Gathering college supplies

I'm a little less stressed now over Bubbie's move to San Marcos, in part because he is registered for his classes and has a great place to live!  But also because I was able to (thriftily I might add) start gathering up some supplies for him.  I took my 30% off coupon to Kohl's on Monday night and scored BIG.
I know that its likely that Kohl's raises their prices to make the sales look good, but I was able to find just about everything he needed for the bedroom and bath.  Most of it was on clearance or on sale at 50-65% off, PLUS the 30% off PLUS an extra $10 off on a home furnishings purchase AND I earned $35 Kohl's cash.  So all in all, I saved $300.  And I can use the Kohl's cash to get him a couple of pairs of shorts.
I bought a comforter, a full sheet set, mattress pad and protector, towels, and a shower curtain.  A quick trip to Wal-Mart on the way home from Kohl's finished off what was left: shower liner and rings, waste basket, pop-up hamper, and bath rug.  So now all of that is grouped in the Lounge in boxes and bags, waiting to be double-checked and loaded, along with things I had accumulated the week before.
 Including this galvanized stuff I got on clearance at HEB.  A cute tray for his Keurig and coffee supply to live on his dresser, a star to hang in his bathroom, and a caddy for toothbrushes and shave supply.
We have a master list hanging on the fridge.  Some of the items he already has and will have to be gathered from his room at home.  And like I did for The Girl, I will spiff up his space at home giving it a good cleaning - I even have a project or two planned!
We're almost there - baby bird flying from the nest, adulting ahead...


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