Monday, December 31, 2018

Mealplan Monday #226

Monday - Marilyn's Cheese Peta, salad
Tuesday - Ham Balls, cabbage, black eyed peas, rolls*
Wednesday - Meatloaf, leftover mashed potatoes (freezer), IP veggie
Thursday - Something from the freezer - maybe leftover Cafe Rio Chicken, IP veggie
Friday - Pot o' white beans with ham bone from Christmas (add carrots)
Saturday - YOYO
Sunday - Cheese bread and soup

*We have this every year and it's my FAVORITE meal for all that it represents:  the blank slate of a New Year, the end of holidays, the coming together of my family for another big holiday meal (:  Besides all that - so delish.  This year I work on New Year's Day so we will enjoy it for a BIG lunch!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Happy 20th birthday to Bubbie!

I think Bubbie sometimes gets short-shifted on his birthday - but maybe not, because he never has complained.  Other people have told him its a bummer to have a Christmas birthday.  But why is it terrible to get extra presents and have all of your family gathered around you on your birthday?
I think its pretty darn special.
A whole season to celebrate and the promise of another successful year for this very special member of our tribe - the smart, good-natured, and much-loved Grayson.  Happy 20th Birthday, Son.  May all of your days be merry and bright!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Weekend re-cap: junk-ing, fondue-ing, wine-ing, eating, and relaxing

We started off our Saturday by visiting Leander Market - a group of vintage/antiques/junk stores - on our way to Burnet.
 In particular, we were looking for a solid wood bookcase for Firstborn's new apartment.
 I loved these stores and want to add some more farmhouse decor to Camp Rustown - and I was tempted by offers of "wheeling and dealing".
 A lot of the Christmas-y stuff I saw was something I could create myself!  Next year...when I have my crafts room back.
LO AND BEHOLD!  It was $35 and just needed to have a scuff or two knocked down and a fresh coat of poly.  Plus, I would love to cut a piece of beadboard to fit the back.  {We were running short of time to get 'er done, though, and were doing good to get it prettied up for Christmas morning.}
We stopped at Hoover Valley cafe for a catfish plate to go, then mosey'd over to Perisso's for a tasting  to be followed by a bottle on the patio.  The weather was glorious and they had live music.  
Wineries are very relaxing places during the holidays.  Especially on an outside patio!
 After that, we headed to Highlands and Hubby surprised me with an early gift:  A fondue pot with a bottle of Rousanne, a loaf of bread, and some swiss and cheddar cheeses.
We filled up on fondue and skipped dinner!  And we were treated to a pretty sunset, and a calm evening by the firepit.
 A million miles from holiday stress.
The next day we visited Westcave Cellars since we knew there would be live music and more beautiful weather.  {even so, they had barely ANYONE there} Along the way, we picked up Schlotzsky's - and Hubby indulged my craving for fried okra by going through the Chicken Express drive through just next door to that.
 I could sit and snack on that with my wine all afternoon!  Oh yeah, that's right...I DID.
 The guitarist was a nice guy and he and Hubby chatted it up for a while...It was lovely at WC, but we had one more stop to make...
 It's been about a year since we visited Wimberley Valley Winery, but we knew they would have spiced Christmas wine so off we headed!
 The place was EMPTY.  Turns out that three of the employees we loved PLUS the manager had left this year.  So it was a little sad knowing that the Change Machine is still cranking.
But we enjoyed a leather couch all to ourselves in front of the fireplace and we sat sipping our Christmas wine in peace - not having a crowd of people around you does make for relaxing times and it was a delightful break from holiday stress.  We collected our wine (which was delish all warmed up on Christmas Eve) and we headed home.  And today it seems like Christmas 2018 is already a million miles away...

Monday, December 24, 2018

Mealplan Monday #225

Here's what I posted on the fridge...
Holiday Menu

M – Quiche for breakfast, Tamale Luncheon, Snackatizers* for dinner - cards and games!
T – Brunch is French Toast Casserole with bacon and sausages.  Early Dinner of Spiral Ham, Arkansas Green Beans, Steakhouse Mac and Cheese, rolls, Bourbon Bundt Birthday Cake with ice cream
W – Burgers, Jalapeno Poppers, Chips
Th – Crockpot Cowboy Beans, cornbread
F – Chicken Strips, Loaded Mashed Potatoes, fresh veg
S – Three Cheese Tortellini with Chicken, fresh veg

The Snackatizers this year are: Italian meats tray with assorted olives; a plate of Cranberry Goat Cheese with dried figs, gingerbread crisps and pistachio pomegranate crisps; a plate of white cheddar cheese, smoked trout, and spicy pecans; carmelized onion dip and hot artichoke dip with bagel crisps; cold-boiled shrimp with lemon wedges and seafood cocktail sauce; Christmas sangria. 

Merry Christmas from the cook!


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