Friday, December 7, 2018

Washer woes

A day or so after Thanksgiving I noticed that the washer had several issues - not agitating, lid not locking while it was running, took forever to fill, and waaay back behind it...was that evidence of a leak?  {turns out, yes}  I called the repair man that came out 5 years ago and replaced the lid switch and after he took a look at it and researched parts they no longer make, he informed that it was time for a new washer.  Well, I guess so - this one was purchased in 1997 when we bought the house!
It was as good a time as any to clean up the laundry nook - repainting some scuffs and places on the wall that I had missed,
...scrubbing the floors, vacuuming behind the dryer and replacing its vent hose, and just generally cleaning it up in there.  Hubby ordered the new washer {based on a recommendation from our repair guy} and we picked it up on Saturday.  It was a quick install and I had time to do one load of towels for my peeps, then we hit the road.  I was not about to give up my Saturday for laundry!
My laundry nook is small but it works! 
When we got home on Sunday evening, I did several more loads...then on Monday morning even more.  The laundry just seemed to never end!  But the new machine seems to do a good job and I even noticed that our things smell great - something I hadn't noticed but failed to connect the dots with the old one.  {I thought it was the soap I was buying!}
It was the background music to my Monday, and it was glorious. 
 And I even put all of the art magnets from my peeps back!  Its a mini art gallery that makes me smile...
I guess we will wait for the next "big trash" day and this one will go out to the curb.  Twenty-one years of hard labor with 6 people, and now I am sold forever on Whirlpool!

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