Friday, October 30, 2009

New dining chair fabric

I'm the last person you'd accuse of being a Martha (Stewart), but I must say, I am making strides in improving our front room that will make it cleaner, spiffier, and nicer for the holidays. I've been doing this project in my head for several months, afraid to commit the money and not having time to spare. But once you start a big project, you really have to keep going. After I hung curtains (only after having lived here 12 years), I found that the nearby couch was even more shabby-looking. So I trudged over to Hancock Fabrics and spent over an hour looking thru all the upholstery fabrics and samples. Finally settled on a new fabric, gritted my teeth and pre-paid. Waited two weeks, during which time I fretted - it turns out to be a great choice! All the colors of the room are there, and when I finish, it will look less mis-matched, more like it was put together purposely. Here are some photos from the beginning of my project - I have so far to go. I've re-covered the dining room chairs, made new covers for the den pillows, ordered slip cushions for two armchairs, and next will work on the couch cushions. Hopefully my sewing machine won't die before I'm done!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coach Home Visit

Hmmm....a home visit from The Girl's basketball coach tonight....and I'm just wondering...will she clean her room first? Will she empty the overflowing trash, return the cups to the kitchen, empty and stack her Rudy's BBQ cup collection, hang up her clean laundry, put dirties in the hamper...just Coach going to get treated to the sights and smells that I do? Even tho I automatically close the door every time I pass it. And I wonder what she'll say when she notices the basketballs that have migrated from the Anderson gym...wonder if she knows where all the balls went...hmmm. And will she be on her best behavior and actually speak to me...being polite and respectful to me in front of the coach...hmmm...just wondering...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scout First Class

Hubby and I were proud that Scout earned three more merit badges and was awarded them tonight at the scout's Court of Honor. He received Archery, First Aid, and Geology. Such a serious face he wore for most of it - a clear sign that the cuddly days are coming to an end...I am beginning to feel outnumbered, but I refuse to be outwitted!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I don't heart shopping..and actually...

...I absolutely HATE shopping for clothes. When  I'm just casually strolling through a store and see something cute to buy, it almost always turns out right. Downright serendipitous. The right price, fit, color, and not too time-consuming of a choice. No drama. No trauma. No hurt feelings over how the mirror makes my butt look, cause I'm not even in the fitting room long enough to notice. Everything just falls into place and I leave with a cute something. BUT...if I am purposefully looking for something, and mind you, not like I'm looking for a needle in a haystack, it becomes an ordeal. I went to Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Dress Barn, two Macy's, two JC Penney's, Kohls, Target, DSW, and Avenue looking for a simple, basic dress and pair of heels.  You would have thought I was on a quest for the Holy Grail!
I know how retail works; I worked at Foley's and Laura Ashley for years.  People, it's not winter here. We don't have winter here. Cranking the A/C down does not make me want to buy a sweater dress and boots. All I need is a simple dress!   Good grief, I finally found one and a decent pair of shoes and if no one notices me looking cute tomorrow, I'm gonna be miffed...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fabulous Fall

Hooray for a day that I can sleep late, get all my chores done, and STILL have time left to take the boys to the pumpkin patch and shopping! Bubbie had the best time running among the pumpkins - it was so hard to choose just 2 apiece. We settled on a big-ish one and a couple of small ones for each of them to decorate themselves. They also had colorful and oddly shaped gourds which we had to buy to add to our pumpkin collection. The weather was beautiful and they were in such a good mood - I love having these times with them before they are too "cool" to hang out with me.....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Onward and Forward

Rustown Art

Feeling better just a bit.
Getting lots of things done around the house and the To-Do list is shrinking - for now. Today I'm going to work in the yard and decorate for Halloween. I bought a big pumpkin for the front door but the boys and I are going to the pumpkin patch to get some smaller ones and some gourds. Scout's birthday is coming up and I am planning and coordinating getting pizzas delivered, cupcakes made, etc. He had such a great time last year, and with a little effort, we can transform the patio again into a middle schoolers hangout. I am starting to also think ahead to Thanksgiving...It's been a rough couple of weeks and I am ready for a change in the weather both indoors and out!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Change is so hard

Rustown Art

This is the second week in a row we're having a hard time. People yelling, saying things they know they shouldn't, or acting like they have a chip on their shoulder, slipping behind in homework and responsibilities,  being less friendly, more into mischief, looking like they're trying to come down with something...
I don't understand really, how life can be smoothing along at a nice pace, everyone getting along, doing what they should without me constantly nagging, me getting my To-Do list tackled, my chores done, things falling into place. Everything can change in an instant, without much warning and I'm not all that good at change. 
It seems out of  control. 
I don't know how to get back to calm...

Friday, October 2, 2009


It's the mark of a yucky week that I would welcome going to work on Saturday morning. Especially since I know I will be spending 24 hours in the ER with every coughing, spitting, screaming, crying child in Austin who either has, or is suspected of having, the flu. And not just the seasonal flu, against which I have already been immunized. The swine flu is the most prevalent at the hospital right now. That, and cold, strep, pneumonia...all manner of nasty organisms which will be winging it my way. The relief of not being at my house while it is raining cats and dogs all weekend, watching Firstborn lay on my couch playing PSP, or hearing the younger boys fight over a GameBoy game, complaining they are bored and hungry (always!) or or having The Girl appear briefly only to tell us she is leaving again in a few minutes - "why are you asking - am I not allowed to work?", etc., etc.....
 Rustown Art

I love my family. But I am grateful I have a job to go to. It gives me renewed perspective so I can start all over again on Monday...


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