Sunday, August 8, 2010

The befores

Here are the "befores" of  The Girl's  room, along with my plans so far:
(Oh, and by the way, the room is actually "clean" here)
Repaint the room a soft plum or soft green.  Empty the shelves of at least half of those photos and dust catchers.  New sheets in plum.  Put the bed elevators back under the bed to gain a little more storage room. Remove Battenburg dust ruffle. Clear off dresser top. replace lamp.
Remove Battenburg valance.
Sew curtains in a plum and green print and use as coordinating trim on plain dust ruffle. 
Paint the DVD rack?  Get rid of the cheapie bookcase?
The clock, bulletin board, and memo board all GO.  But I think I can scrape the fake jewels off the bulletin board and repaint it.  The yellow and blue flowers from graduation luncheon must go.  I think I'm going to store her basketball from the yard sign.  The top of the desk will be refinished and the stuff on the top of it will be filed.  Re-hang all the photos that are currently hanging.
This light switch is so elementary school.  Sorry, honey, I should have replaced it long ago.  And I know you did not love the yellow walls the last 3 years or so - soon they will be a soothing shade that goes with your curtains and bedding.  And this room will look like it belongs to a college student!
The basket that holds basketballs will get a new liner, probably to match the curtains.  But the balls have to go!  So does that hoop hanging on the closet.  And the little orange memo board. And the poster your friends made for your birthday.  Don't worry, I have a plan to protect the mementos!
So maybe next week I will pop over to Home Depot to get the paint sample cards, then to JoAnn to get the fabric swatches. The actual redecorating will have to wait tile the girl leaves for college, so I have plenty of time to lay my plans.  Suggestions?

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how it goes ;o)


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