Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The on-going sock project

By my calculations, I have purchased over 850 pairs of socks for my kids over the years.  That doesn't include the millions of baby socks, the boys' dress socks, the athletic socks, or the slipper socks.   So a method to the sock madness is important at Camp Rustown!
At the end of each Summer I take stock.  Scout and Bubbie end up getting new back to school socks, so I have a plan for the old ones.  I pull each sock basket out - I like these fabric bins sold at IKEA.
 The ones that still fit and are in reasonable shape go into a large ziploc for them to pack when they go camping.  There is nothing worse than having them take their nice school socks only to ruin them!  Well, maybe there is, but still...So this labeled bag lives in the sock drawer with instructions and a reminder...
The way I can tell them apart in the laundry?  I write on the soles with a sharpie.  They know when putting away their own laundry that these are the ones that go in the camping socks bag.  If they get destroyed during camping, they know to toss them.  That only happens every now and then when it rains!
The new ones get an initial written on them so we can keep up with which socks belong to whom.  And now the sock drawer is all ready for back to school!

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Marie said...

Love this idea! Going to implement this.
Thank you : )


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