Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Coffee and Cocolate Bar

I got a fun idea from Angie at Echoes of Laughter for a Hot Chocolate Bar - using just what I had and including some coffee treats:
 I cleared off one side of my kitchen counter and  moved the Keurig over from where we normally make coffee.  Found a big round serving tray to set everything on.  I think that will make it easy for me to clean around it...
 Then I loaded it up with goodies!  Hot cocoa mix, Gingerbread syrup, small instant coffee sticks, K-cups...
 ...and three kinds of marshmallows...yuuum...I fished around and found a couple of jars to store 
them in and tied on some holiday ribbon.
I just folded back the box tops on the hot chocolate so the boys could reach in and grab the one they want.
 Yummy holiday K-cups!  This will be a nice spot to make a special coffee or hot chocolate treat.
And the bonus is that I have more space at the other end of the counter.  Can't wait for the boys to discover our new Hot Chocolate and Coffee Bar at Chez Rustown  (:

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Marie said...

brilliant! LOve this idea : )


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