Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A work in progress

The Nester got me to thinking today with her post about motivation and inspiration.  It reminded me of a project that I had done -  very similar to hers.  Sometimes, you wait til inspiration hits. It may take me awhile to realize what I need to do, but when it comes to me - it usually works out. 
Take this project: empty walls over the couch
 (ooh - those curtains are no longer there - yuck.)
I had moved the framed art that was above the couch next to the mirror in the dining area.
Previously, these plaques were hanging next to the mirror:
But they were so blah there.  (This is a pic before I changed curtains and re-covered chair cushions.)
The "diamonds" were from my hubby's mom's house and had sentimental value.  So, I couldn't just get rid of them, but giving them a fresh coat of gold paint? No.
One day it occurred to me that I could paint over them, rub a little off, and achieve an antiqued sort of look.  So I did it!  I just used a creamy white wall paint - it was all I had at the time.

Each of the diamonds has a flower representing a season: Dogwood is Spring, Roses are Summer, Chrysanthemums are Fall, Holly is Winter.  Toning down the gold looks nicer in this room with the muted colors of the furniture, even tho I will still keep the gold of the lamp and lighting fixtures for now.
And the gold frames don't look all that bad next to the mirror.  Changing it all out would be such a chore...
I still have a few things to do to this big living and dining area - any and all suggestions are welcome!

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