Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lick it or Bite it or Both

Cupcakes are the new trendy food, apparently.  The boys and I visited a new Austin place with the name above; no kidding.  It seemed a little too gimmicky and needy in the attention department...plus, they were expensive compared to Hey!Cupcake, which boasts a bigger cupcake with thicker frosting for cheaper.
But the boys enjoyed the cupcakes, obviously.  
And we got a $15 deal for $7 which seemed fair for what we got:
My coconut cupcake actually had what I hope was edible glitter on it.  
It was coconutty and delish.
The interior of the store is aqua and brown so the frosting coordinates with that.  The boys each chose a "Mimosa" - lured by the possiblility that the frosting had alcohol in it. Geez Louise.
Oh, how they love to yank my chain.
They only love white flour and processed sugar more.
But for $15 a box the happy Hour deal of 10% off, and the "bring the box back for $1 off", they are still too rich for my blood at $12.50 for a half dozen....for that I could make a freezer load of cupcakes in my own oven.  After all, how hard is it to make cupcakes?

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