Friday, January 14, 2022

5 thing Friday - bread, disasters, mirror, warm brie dip, dinner grace

A loaf of bread tends to last entirely too long at my house now.
So while its still edible, I have been enjoying a breakfast sammie now and again - this one with avocado and an egg.
I had a feeling that I would regret not checking on Highlands before we had our first hard freeze.  This is what I get for not "bleeding" the outside barn pipes.
Its fixable.  I will get Firstborn to help me.
But it annoys me just the same.
Hubby would have been philosophical about it because he could fix anything.
I know I will make lots of mistakes like this in future.  Oh well.
While I was out there I drove around to the area of Highlands at a bend in CR 137.  The above photo is from me reattaching the chain so the sign would show.  This prevents no one from anything, it just shows that someone owns the space.
Lightening had hit this cedar that Hubby had a chain stretched from.
It followed the chain up to the tree and blew out the lock.  The chain had become fairly embedded in this tree, too.  Just something else I need to address.
This is the view from the road.  You're welcome, new Neighbors who are building nice houses out here.  The clean up of this area is not high on my list.
I bought an $8 mirror for my closet at a thrift shop in Burnet.  I created a sweet space here just to change out my earrings and give myself a pep talk each morning.
The rest of the Christmas brie went into my baby crockpot with some dried apricots, brown sugar, cider vinegar (because I didn't have balsalmic), dried rosemary, and walnuts.  Lunch for one.
I was slightly appalled that none of us could form a decent blessing over the dinner table at Christmas, so we all agreed that we would from here on out recite the Wilderness Prayer.  Otherwise known as the Philmont Grace.  I am working on a sampler of sorts for the dining room.  We know this one.
For food,
for raiment,
for life,
for opportunity, 
for friendship and fellowship, 
we thank thee, oh Lord.


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Kim said...

Wow, I can't wait to see how that sampler turns out!


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