Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I've been saving wine corks for a while now, hoping to get an idea for a craft and yesterday, inspiration finally hit!  I've been wanting to replace this with something new.
 An Anne Geddes print that is at least as old as Scout that hangs above the stove cabinet.
I took another frame that was gold and painted it ORB.  Then I gathered my supplies:  a chipboard "C", a plain cream mat, and some forest green burlap.  I just love green.  
With the exception of the boys' rooms, it's in every room in this house!
 I stapled the burlap to the sturdy original back cardboard of the frame, starting at the corners...
 ...and working my way around.  At this point, I also taped down the extra so the back of my new art 
wouldn't keep it from laying flat against the wall.
 The glass went buh bye.  I put the mat in first, then the burlap covered cardboard.
 I already love the combo of the different surfaces
 Yep - this C is just the right size for the mat opening.
Next, I brought my decorative jar down that holds my cork collection.  We don't drink the expensive stuff, ya'll...I cut most of them in half and hot glued the raw cut edges onto the C.  Not all of my corks were the same size - I wanted there to be a layered look.
 I also wanted to add a bit of that beautiful butternut color that I want to paint a couple of my kitchen chairs in...I found a bit of velvet ribbon in my stash and looped it around the top of my C, then just stapled it to the burlap covered piece.  The stapled end will be hidden under the mat.
Back into the frame it goes.  
The lighting makes it devilishly hard to get a good picture of it hanging way up there.
Here is a better pic of the fall foliage pot up there; I am a fan of fake plants. You can change them up to suit the decor or the season. This pretty glazed pot I found at Tuesday Morning long ago.  I could never get a real plant to live in it, so I gave up and just bought greenery at Hob Lob.
Here is the finished art!  Took me about an hour all together and I really love all of the textures. 
And now that my cork stash is depleted, guess I'll have to re-supply....(:


Holly said...

Love the corks, Gina! Really cute idea...maybe I'll start drinking wine just so I can collect some corks ;)

Your new blog design looks great, too!

KimMalk said...

That is SO cute! It's a nice, different take on the monograms. I really like the color of burlap you found, too.

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Wow! That's a great project Nina! It looks fabulous! Have a great weekend! Angie xo


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