Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sentiment and my desk

See that picture of hubby and I over my desk?  It was in a much thinner frame that I decided to paint and use for my cork initial project.  why is it that one project always leads to another?!  I ended up going to Hob Lob and getting a more substantial frame for it - and I don't mind that gold one bit.  I think it looks great against the Tobacco Leaf paint in my front rooms. 
I had the framing guy cut a 3/4 inch mat for me so that you couldn't see that the portrait is not exactly 16x20.  For some reason, it printed out smaller.  Seeing the white edges in portraits makes me crazy!  But after I added the mat, I liked the way it looked in the frame even more.
The frame was $15 (half price) and the mat was $9.  I'm thinking its worth it, since I only have one copy of this picture and want it to be framed and hung correctly.  It's a late 25th anniversary present to us to have it framed nicely.  We were sweet young things of 25 and this pic was a special deal at Foley's - $25 or so.  
See a pattern here?
 Oh!  For short hair again!  And for being about 50 pounds lighter, but that's probably not going to happen...
It hangs above my desk in my little office nook.  Where it will stay until I take it down again and get copies made for each of my kiddoes.  Someday...

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Marie said...

Gina, I remember that beautiful picture. What a lovely gift to you two for your 25 anniversary!


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