Friday, September 16, 2011

Fair day for a fair

I visited my mother in Brenham yesterday for the first time in many months.  I don't know why I didn't visit during the summer.  Always more things to do than I have time to get done...  I hope it's not that way with my daughter some day, but I bet it will be.  She's always busy, just like her Mama and Grandma...anyhoo, we had a nice visit and a really good surprise at the women's building:
 A blue ribbon and a Grand Champion ribbon for the "Little Red House" quilt!
 She was teary eyed for a minute or two - she really didn't expect that, but it had to feel gratifying for her.
She puts a lot of time and effort into these quilts so it's no small thing if she gives you one as a gift.  
Scout has a smaller version of this one that is well-loved.
This is the appliqued  one she entered and I can't remember the name of it.  
The flowers are more hot lipstick pink than my camera suggests and the entire thing is hand-quilted.  
Something I'm sure I will never have the patience or time to do!
We wandered over to the livestock pens to gaze at the pretty cow ladies.  The one above is a Charolais - the type my grandmother used to raise in Azle, Texas.
 A tiger-striped cow.  Don't think I've ever seen one...
Most of them barely paid any attention to us, but one rushed the gate and almost startled my mother off her feet!  I bet she gets tired of hearing me chime "No Fally-Downie!"  But she has fallen a couple of times in the past few years and injured herself quite badly...that's all we need at the livestock show...
Rows of cow butts. Hmmm... "How about hamburgers for lunch?"
Ha ha  Just my weird sense of humor...
Off to lunch we headed.  A fun day in Brenham and I'm so glad she got the ribbon she did!



Marie said...


Congratulations to your Mom!
Wow, what a beautiful quilt.
She has incredible patience.
I know you and Scout must treasure
her beautiful quilt/gift she made for
Looks like you two had a lovely day.

Susan said...

Gina, Isn't the Washington County Fair great? I live in Brenham , saw those quilts but had no idea they belonged to your mother. She is talented. But so are you! Enjoy reading your blog.


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