Monday, January 16, 2017

January - kitchen decluttering

As part of the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge I am following, the first place to tackle was arguably the most important room in our house:  the kitchen.  We are halfway through January, but I have made made big progress.  Lucky for me I like to clean and purge and declutter!  The first two weeks were all about the kitchen counters, sink area, the island, kitchen table, utensils, knives and measuring cups, linens, silverware, junk drawer, wrap and plastic, food storage, and under the sink.
The sink area - shiny and spiffed, and I even bought myself some nice hand cream to use after doing dishes.  The green mat is mostly for Scout to use after he cleans his French press, but the bowls of fruit are always there, too.
I cleared Christmas off the counters and put the owls back!  Plus, I scrubbed the cooktop which was just plain awful after the holidays.
 Cute measuring spoons from a friend will live right here next to my recipes.
I try to keep the kitchen table and window seat uncluttered most of the time.  There is a tray in the middle of the table with napkins, S&P, and a candle.  Because what is better than breakfast by candlelight, I ask you?
 The window seat stays clear, but I would love to add a couple more potted plants and some pillows.
Under the island top:  Linens - again, I purged things that were stained or torn.  Hubby and I both have an apron in here, and its where I store the cork hotpads.
Next to linens is the silverware - guess I need to get us some more teaspoons!  I keep plastic utensils in there in a basket, too.
 Under the island on one side is crock pots and other smallish appliances.
The island opens up on both sides which is super handy.  Those small white baskets have food processor blades, a fat separator, handles for Tervis tumblers...stuff we don't absolutely have to have, but we have a spot for them, so I kept them.  Across from  the island is the knife drawer: 
 I have purged it to where it is just the basics now.  I really disliked having a knife block on the counter, so if we have too many knives for this drawer, some have to go.  This is known as The Rule.
 The junk drawer is pretty much always under control as I COULD NOT STAND IT if it weren't.  And I use it often, so it has to stay that way!
 And to it's left is are the wraps and clips, including some leftover shelf liner.
Above those two drawers - junk and wraps - I keep cookbooks and etc.  Plenty of open space for when I need it!  My purse lands here a lot.  This counter makes me very happy!  The opposite side of the kitchen:
Just the basics.  I have purged this a couple of times.  I use pretty much everything in here.
 Plastic lids - just easier to have them up here.
 And Just below are the containers, pretty much stacked. I got rid of every container I could not find a lid for and vice versa.  Next to it:
This super skinny drawer has wine corks, a foil cutter, straws... pretty much that's all these skinny drawers are good for!
The last place I worked on was the under the sink area and it was a MESS.  The faucet had leaked last month and I had not known there was all kinds of mold under there.  UGH.  I cleaned with bleach spray and replaced the shelf liner.  Then I organized from left to right: cleaning cloths, floor cloths, sponges and dishwasher pods, general cleaning supplies.  I felt super virtuous after that!  And tired.  So hopefully, the rest of the January declutter challenge won't involve a lot of cleaning labor!
What about you - done any January decluttering?

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