Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wednesday Menu #1, and the plan

I know most people probably sit down and make out a menu for the following week before going shopping on the weekend.  Since I work weekends, that schedule is a little different for me.  I plan on Thursday or Friday then shop on the next Wednesday.  So my menus go Wednesday through Tuesday.  (Even though I used to post them Monday through Sunday) On Wednesday I shop, so the meal item that night can be something I don't have to thaw or use the crock pot for.  On Saturday, Hubby almost always grills, so I buy a meat item that's on sale and get some sides to go with.  On Sunday, I either pick up take-out, or I have something easy for them to fix.  Then since I work Monday and Tuesday as well, I choose easy dinners that I can prep in advance for the crock pot or oven. It has worked well for us for a few years now.
So, without further ado, here is the menu plan for this week:

Wednesday - Turkey Soup, rolls (using Thanksgiving turkey, frozen veg, and rice)
Thursday - Green Chile Quesadillas, salad
Friday - Crockpot Lima beans with Christmas ham bone (I'll prob add carrots to this)
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Dr. Martin's Mix (they can easily make this)
Monday - Tamales with Chili (prepped on Friday, put in freezer), salad
Tuesday - Pork Roast (placed into crockpot frozen), mashed potatoes, peas

The list gets written on a page that looks like this:

Rustown Menu




Saturday – Dad grills

Sunday – Mom figures it out



People who love to eat are good people. But, people who cook are the best.”

{At the bottom is a riff on a quote from Julia - I change it up now and again to see who will notice...}  Then I post the menu on the fridge and I check it in the mornings to see what I need to thaw or do.  Mostly the people at my house do not check the menus - I make them out for my own convenience.  And I worry that mealtimes might become a stressful event if and when I change shifts at work.  But we'll just cross that bridge when we get there, I guess.
And since it's Wednesday, its time for me to shop!


Simply LKJ said...

I always love to hear how everyone plans. My friends always ask how I do it, but I always say do what works for you!! Since baby girl is now home and will be starting her externship on Monday, we have to add back in Lunches for her. I am kinda glad, because it will make me stay home and eat lunch rather than go out since we'll have things already here.

bj said...

I so wish I could make a weekly menu...with just the 2 of us here, we just fly by the seat of our pants on what to eat every day....


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