Friday, January 27, 2017

Valentine mantel

I don't usually decorate up for "holidays" that happen between Christmas and Easter - mostly because after I get done putting up all things holiday I just want our home to stay "basic" through the rest of the winter.  But I had seen several cute Valentine ideas on Pinterest and I knew I had all of the supplies for a cute banner!
It took me about an hour to make and it brightens up the den - I am really pleased with how the vision in my head turned out just right!
I started with the rest of the wide burlap ribbon I had purchased from Michael's a couple of years ago.  I cut six equal lengths of it and ironed it flat.
Then I made a template of a heart from cardstock and cut out 6 hearts in assorted fabric scraps.  Some of the fabrics were flimsy, so I ironed some interfacing on those first.
I gave the top raw edges a zig zag, then folded down a casing and stitched it with a straight seam  - just wide enough for a small safety pin to fit through.
 Then I pinned and top stitched with zig-zag the hearts on the fronts. So easy. 
I also zig zag stitched along the bottoms of the burlap pieces to keep them from unraveling.  I threaded the jute string I had through the casings (with that small safety pin), then starched and ironed each burlap flag flat.

I still have command hooks on either end of the mantel, so it was easy to tie a small loop in the ends of the jute to hang the banner.  A small piece of extra burlap ribbon, tied with florist wire, hides the hooks.
And wah-la I was finished.  Six is our lucky number!  I love that the hearts aren't all pink or red - I will leave them up until the end of February.
I added a few red touches up top - the glitter heart picks are from the Dollar Spot at Target from years ago.
So sweet!


Simply LKJ said...

Love it Gina! I haven't been much for decorating for the smaller holidays now that the girls are older, but for some reason am missing it this year.

Kim said...

That banner is the sweetest! I love it and am off to pin...happy weekend!


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