Friday, January 13, 2017

5 thing Friday - decluttering, wine, jewelry chest, runner, garlic toast

I've been on a mission to declutter and clean after the holidays - it's my favorite part of January!  I am following along with the Declutter 365 challenge from Home Storage Solutions 101.  This month is all about decluttering the kitchen.  When I finish up the month I will post pics!
I think I do a good job of it, in general, but it's fun to read along and tackle each small area.  For now, please enjoy a clean little counter that  is home to the cookbooks - it makes me smile every time I walk past.  The chippy turquoise frame was a Christmas gift from a co-worker - it was the perfect home for my little cross stitch owl.
A new wine to love.  This one is a red blend, around $7 at Trader Joe's.  Perfect for happy hours while I prep dinner and enjoy my Christmas candles that are still hanging on.  Hubby and I agreed that we cannot enjoy the $20 bottles on a regular basis.  
Must. Be. Responsible.
I bought Hubby a jewelry chest last year, since he had several small ones he was using.  He has quite an impressive collection of cuff links and watches, mostly from his father.  I found the chest in the bottom of his night stand and decided to pull it out. I think the crochet thing shall go, but I like the chest up here.  Hubby enjoys him some bling and it will be easier for him to get to his things.
I bought a new BH&G table runner at Wally World that I had admired for some time.  I like that it is colorful and has a global vibe.  For now, the candle stays, though I may have to put some baby pinecones in the bottom of it.  This table doesn't get as much action when the holidays end - that's a shame since it's a nice room to have dinner in.  But maybe we will change that and start eating in here more often.
I've been reverting back to some of my more frugal homemaking ways, including making my own garlic toast.  I hate hate hate having to throw out food, such as stale bread.  Even with only 4 people living here we seem to spend a lot at the grocery store.  Its nice to save money where I can, and the easiest place to do that is in the grocery budget. Hmmm...decluttering and being frugal seem to be January themes!

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Simply LKJ said...

Will have to look for that wine at TJs. Love your new runner, so bright and cheery. And, now that we have found a decent gluten free bread I'll have to remember the garlic toast. I actually prefer to make my own too.


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