Friday, November 25, 2016

5 thing Friday - Littles, birthday fun, wineries, sussies, exhaustion

I was going to post about Thanksgiving today, but I don't have any energy to get my pics organized, and I didn't take all that many was a great day, low stress, lots of good food and some game-playing fun.  We are all laying around, most of us still asleep!
When we were making room for Firstborn to stay in The Lounge, I found this cute pic of myself when my kiddos were little.  I stuck it on my memo board above my desk.  It's a sweet reminder to me of when my peeps were smaller.  Sometimes I miss those days. You can see their individual personalities even then.  They'll always be my littles!
Sunset at Torr Na Lochs.  Last week Hubby was up at the property waiting for a dumpster to be delivered, so I met him up there and afterwards we enjoyed a bottle of wine.  Looking forward to being able to do that more often, for sure.  He spent the whole weekend loading trash, and I planned on heading back out to the property on Monday when the dumpster guy retrieved it.
A friend of mine brought me some birthday sussies on Sunday!  A sweet Christmas-y print of a small trailer (like Mabel!), a pretty bracelet,
and this candle with a sweet winter scene.  We will be putting up Christmas today and the candle will live in the front room - it smells divine.
 Another winery - this one on my birthday (Monday), Texas Hills Vineyards in Johnson City. This one has a patio that overlooks the vineyard and some very friendly owners.
The Cab Franc was pretty delightful out there.  We headed back over to the property and enjoyed a nice campfire with Scout and his girlfriend.  Hubby and I made Shrimp Alfredo then practically passed out - Hubby has been working hard to fill the dumpster up with trash we are clearing from the land.
Mabel's kitchen is small, but convenient.
Hubby has been pretty tired lately - about like how Teddy looks here, after going through the stress of moving The Girl on the day before Thanksgiving...more on that to come.  Hopefully he will get some rest the coming weekend.  Today we will visit the tree farm and put up some Christmas.  But most of us are flat out pooped so I'm sure there will also be lots of laying around, playing cards, and eating leftovers.  
Happy Day after Turkey, everyone!

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Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday and Thanksgiving! I love your sweet camper print.


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