Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy hours in Mabel

Lately I fantasize about Hubby and I emptying our savings and running away from the children in Mabel. but for now, she's a perfect place for date night when we can't leave home.  Or for him to study.  Or me to read...
So here's a mini tour of Mabel, our home away from home when we finally escape from Camp Rustown, with a mini fridge stocked with wine and some cool jazz on the iTunes.  She's tiny, but mighty.
  She has lots of seating and a table to eat at.  Or whatever. The table folds down, the cushions fold in,  and she makes a king size bed.  Just behind and under the back cushions there is more storage - we keep pillows and blankets there. 
There are a lot of windows, and a skylight.  A/C and heating, too.

The mini fridge.  We will stock her with wine, some steaks or salmon to grill, and some fancy stinky cheese.  Hubby added these tiny tension rods in there to keep things from moving around while Mabel is in transit.  "Goodbye, kids.  There's a pizza in the freezer, see you Sunday night.  Maybe."  Not even kidding.
There's a large pantry with our cooking utensils and other crap. All over the inside of her there are nooks and crannies to store things.  Plastic wine glasses, cards and dominoes, WiFi router, Texas flag (Hubby's idea)
The kitchen is plenty big for cooking for two.  There is a cooktop and a sink above the fridge, and also more storage below.  We added some battery operated candles here and there...
Hubby installed a motion light near the step, in case we need to get up during the night.  There is also a never-used port-a-potty so I won't have to leave the camper in the middle of the night to pee.
We I have yet to take Mabel on her maiden voyage, but that doesn't mean we can't practice hanging out in her.  After all, there's a mini fridge, comfy couch, and air conditioning. 
A bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers, a laptop for a movie, or some cool jazz.  The perfect place to start planning our escape.  Inside the trailer it's been mostly him sprucing it up here and there.  But I added a dry erase board from a tip I saw on Pinterest, and some vinyl lettering that was on clearance at Joann.  I'd like to put one pic of the kids in here, but mostly I want to leave it uncluttered.  I am anxious to hit the road with she and Hubby - maybe Garner State Park can be our first stop!

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