Monday, November 21, 2016

What the week holds, and a beautiful bouquet

On Friday I cleared off the dining table and made it pretty for Thanksgiving.  I'm pretty excited about being off ALL THIS WEEK.  As you are reading this, I am celebrating my 56th birthday by cleaning my house and getting ready to bake...I am so looking forward to a beautiful and relaxed dinner with my peeps!
Fresh flowers on the Thanksgiving table are a must for me.  I didn't want to spend a fortune and I wanted to enjoy their beauty for more than just a day, so I bought them on Friday and arranged them just before driving out to Burnet to meet Hubby.
 I spent $9 on flowers and $1.50 on napkins, then added other things to the table that we already had.
A thrift shop vase, some turkey S&P shakers I've had for 30 years, a scrap of burlap ribbon, gold chargers I bought at HEB years ago, and the fall tablecloth I love but have rarely used.  I even pulled the crystal goblets out of the china cabinet.
If anyone looks reeeeally closely, they might, just might, be able to tell the sunflowers are faux.  I wanted to add some big color, but all the sunflowers at the store looked a couple of days away from drooping.  Faux sunflowers to the rescue, and I already had those, too!
I just need to add silverware to the place settings, and pull down the clear glass dinner plates, and we are ready to go.  This week will go by fast and is full as ever...I have cleared all of the things off the calendar that can wait, but on Tuesday Bubbie and I will go get his driver's license (finally), then we will go help The Girl move into her new apartment on Wednesday, then The Girl and Teddy will drive back to Austin with us.  Friday we will cut the tree and put up Christmas around the house. Saturday I start another 40 hour week.  What does your week look like for Thanksgiving?

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bj said...

i love fresh flowers anytime but especially when our family gathers...yours are sooo pretty


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