Monday, October 17, 2016

What the week holds, and fence woes...

From the Good News/Bad News Department - the fence is done.
The good news is that the fence itself looks overall pretty good.  New, bright - even the neighbors are happy and two of them are bringing me money to help pay for it, so yay!  There are some areas here and there that need to be addressed, but I feel like the fence company will make them right.
Such as boards that do not match up - not sure what they were thinking when they put in that tiny sliver of a board.
Or how they could have called this gate done when there is at least a 3 inch gap.
And the"fancy" cut work around this tree that has grown right on the property line - it's creative, but messy.  The thing that made me the most disappointed was the site clean-up that didn't happen.
 Are you kidding me?
 We won't even talk about the smashed wandering jew - it will bounce back.
 But the concrete spillage - why?
    And the trash left behind, not to mention lots of tree and shrub trimmings they just left wherever.
That just won't do.  
I called my salesman and he assured me that it would be resolved.  That was Friday afternoon.  It is now Monday afternoon and I have not heard from them.  Meanwhile, Hubby bought a large magnet and ran it over and across the yards several times.  We could probably build a new fence with the screws and metal left behind.   Under a lawn mower they would be projectiles. That is not cool.  So, the final check will not be written until I have my yard and landscaping back in order.  But I am pressing on...
This week I am getting the carpets cleaned on Wednesday, seeing the eye doc and the physical therapist on Thursday, and enjoying another Friday night football game on Friday (we won last week!), plus all of the usual here - work, chores, etc.  It's going to zoom by fast, as all weeks seem to do lately!  What does your week look like?


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