Friday, October 14, 2016

5 thing Friday - wine, backyard, flip flops, gifties, handsomeness

This week has been all about the spending...
The  closing went off without a was all the stuff leading up to it that caused stress!  Hubby and I went directly from the title company to Torr Na Lochs and got a bottle of our favorite, Fion Dearg to enjoy with our picnic lunch near the barn, on what is now our land,
{When you take that first sip of wine, aerate it in your mouth by drawing in air, like you are sucking through a straw.}  The best thing about that wine, in my opinion is the herbal and tobacco notes.  And I think that the Texas High Plains produces some of the best grapes. So good!  And how great is it to have a winery so close to the new place?
As of the writing of this post, here is the backyard, still in the process of getting a new fence.  For some reason it looks even smaller to me.  And when it's all said and done, I will have quite a lot of work to do. Still reminding myself to take it one step at a time, but I am anxious to get it spruced for Fall.
Last summer I got some hand-me-down orthotic sandals from Orthaheel.  I have loved them so much I bought another pair, in black this time.  I think my days of wearing Okabashi's are over.  I know it looks like my chubby feet are spilling out from these flip flops, but really, they are so comfy that I can wear them and stay on my feet for hours.
The Charlie Madison's lady has such beautiful stuff - I ordered this pretty one of ruby jade for a dear friend.  I'm giving it to her with a box of notecards featuring Scout's work.  I ordered another bracelet of Amazonite (light blue) for a friend at work.  And of course, I ordered myself one of the lava bead infuser bracelets and some matching earrings. {we'll just call that my early birthday present}   I do love me some joory!
Bubbie is taking his sweetheart to the homecoming dance on Saturday and needed a dress shirt and tie.  I ended up buying him two shirts, and two more for Hubby.  I got some pretty good deals all around. The dance is tomorrow night and I still need to go get flowers!
Bubbie is quite the looker.  When I showed this pic to my mother she said "where did he get those good looks?"  When I replied "genetics", she merely asked me again - she was being a little tacky....  It's no secret that my mother has her opinions.  
Regardless, he is one Handsome Devil.


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