Monday, May 30, 2016

What the week holds - Beer and other plans

Hubby and I have decided to scale back our Happy Hour adventures to twice a month, on paydays.
Which is good because we were spending too much on the luxury.  It just so happens that this is the week for it.  We've also been trying new places every time.  On a recent Friday we went to a brewery and enjoyed some interesting beer and a cheese tray that we practically licked clean!  It was so good - it included a sliced baguette, pickled seasonal veggies, some garlicky pesto, fig jam, and three different cheeses.  YUM.
 We wanted to investigate the cheese shop that the brewery uses, but they were closed, so we ended up at a place called Flying Saucer.  It was not as cozy as the brewery.  In fact it was super loud and there were no tables available outside.  What did we expect on a Friday in Austin?!
 They decorate the walls with kitschy plates!
We enjoyed some queso and beer - the black and tan I had was very good.  I think this would be a better stop for us earlier in the day - it was already after 7 when we arrived.  Super busy and loud = you can't hear each other!  Plus we were seated next to the kitchen, which I hate.  And the queso was just so-so.
This week Hubby is off on Monday for the holiday (maybe he will grill?), Bubbie finishes up his finals, registers for college classes, and has the SAT on Saturday.  I work Monday and am on call a couple of days.  Things at work are still tough, but I am looking forward to my vacay, which I hope to high heaven does not get cancelled!  
What does your week look like?

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bj said...

Thanks so much for stopping by to see our graduate...she is 1 of 4 that graduated this last week...3 from high school and 1 from college.
Glad you enjoyed your date night and some good beer...


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