Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Read the sign!

There are six of us here, and sometimes it gets hectic.  Not all of us are all home and awake at the same time most days.  I admit I resort to writing notes and leaving them around the house:
 This dry erase board/cork combo is a Back to School sanity saver and since it's on the way to the front door, it's a good last minute reminder.
Sometimes my signs are in the forms of labels - anyone else assign a day to a cereal box?  It's a democratic way of making sure everyone has a shot at the Lucky Charms....
 Tiny signs include bread bag tags - they are fun to clip on things to identify who they belong to.
 Sometimes a little clear tape and a sharpie are all I need to get my point across.
 No fancy schmancy cutting machine for me - clear tape, paper, a printer.  Wah-la.
I still have to remind people in person, but my signs help me nag a little less...
Do you ever write your family notes and label things?

1 comment:

Marie said...

Love it! Gina you have wonderful ideas for keeping organized...I need some of your tips : )


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