Saturday, December 10, 2011

Front door spiff

So while I was out Christmas shopping this week, I could not resist the urge to visit the thrift stores
 - kinda to balance out all the un-thrift shopping I've been doing -  if you know what I mean. 
And lookee what I found:
A chair for that closet project - $4.99!  I plan on painting it black and re-covering the seat cushion to match the chairs in the master bedroom.  It will be a nice place for hubby to sit while he dresses in the mornings.
And this crackly glazed terra cotta pot.  I LOVE the green.  Not sure if it's going to stay by the front door, but that's where I put it, full of pine cones and greenery.  It was pricey for Goodwill - $6.
But I love it so much - I'm sure it will find a permanent home inside after Christmas.
And since I gussied that up, I had to add some sparkly sprays and poinsettias to the wreath.
But I gotta tell you, I am REALLY done with Christmas decorating now so this is the last of it.
So many other things I have to do...and
I'm anxious to get started on that chair!


Bella Michelle said...

I think I am having that "thrifty" urge as if I don't have enough to do! LOL I think the chair will look fabulous and totally love the green pot. Your wreath is wonderful and I think you can never go wrong with magnolias! Merry Christmas!

Casa De Luna said...

Your planter looks so festive! Maybe I should do some outdoor decorating. Thanks for the inspiration!


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