Saturday, November 5, 2011

A smidge more progress on the closet...

I'm still waiting on Hubby to organize those metal shelves, but in the meantime
I added a couple things to the closet project:
 A cute apple green ottoman he can sit on that hides his scout socks -will keep looking for a chair to refinish.
 A French memo board for odds and ends photos and name badges and such.  
This is tucked in a small nook next to his hanging suits.
 All of the belts, ties, hats and  purses are hanging now in their own space. 
I found a lot of these hanging organizers on-line at Linens N Things.
Hubby has his own shoe organizer and all the hats he doesn't use are secured on cup hooks above this area.
 I sacrificed one of the rods just for this purpose - I think it was a wise decision.  If Hubby can get to his stuff more easily, he will warm up to this whole Turn-the-Office-Back into-a-Walk-in-Closet thing.  And maybe, just maybe, it will inspire him not to drape clothes on a chair and throw shoes on the floor...
 I also bought two hanging shoe organizers for me - some of the top pouches hold gloves and scarves.  There was still plenty of room for my clothes as I have a large dresser, too.
 I love the fact that underneath the clothes is NOTHING.  
This makes me happy every time I come in here!
I steam cleaned the carpet and  hung some stored pics on the walls - 
might as well have them safely up and out of the way, right?  
And I removed some lighting he had installed under the shelves for to light the desk.  
At this rate, I'll be done sometime after the new year...

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