Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scout's room

I felt a little disloyal toThe Girl for painting her room so quickly after she left...but I was determined to make a space for Scout where he could concentrate and have some privacy; and soon after the school year started so he could get off on the right foot.
It started with painting over the Naturally Calm paint with a light Khaki color.  I had to custom mix this as the original paint I bought was too, too light.  So aggravating, but my fault for not taking the time to get just the right shade to begin with!
The lighting in my kitchen during the day is so artificial - sorry about that.  I love this little green gadget - it helps you pour the paint into the tray without gunking up the can so you can re-seal it.  Genius!  I used a pad painter to edge out the room, then a textured roller pad to complete.  It took me all of 3 hours, including replacing light and plug covers, moving furniture back in place, and vacuuming.
 It's not a decorator room, just functional.  And ALL HIS, which was the only stipulation from Scout.
He really didn't care about the color of it's khaki, navy, and light blue.  I bought the linens at Wally World, the curtain at Penney's, a bedrest at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I want to add a tailored dust ruffle to the bed, and the matching panels for the window.  The bed is on elevators to get some storage underneath. 
On the shelves he arranged some childhood stuff - he doesn't have a lot of decor items.
This desk belonged to his Nana.  It has some damage to the top where The Girl spilled nail polish, then cleaned with remover... I would like to repair that and get a big piece of glass for the top, to protect in from water spots and etc. .The bulletin board is as plain as can be so I might have to spruce that up a bit. And he wants to take some of his current photography and frame it for the walls making a gallery.  I bought an inexpensive desk chair at Tarjay and a wastepaper can.  I'm telling you, it's not fancy stuff.
The lamp was a Goodwill find and I got a blue shade at Wally World for $5.  I was planning on getting him an alarm clock that you can recharge your iPod in.  Then he lost the iPod.  
It hasn't been such a great week for Scout.
The memo board I made a year or so ago seems really small here, but so is the bookcase.  Lots of potential for change in this room, and I am open to suggestions!  It's taking both boys time to adjust to being alone.  And the start of the school year is always stressful.  
I don't know about you all, but I am ready for Fall to happen.  
Now, how long til Thanksgiving Break?  (:

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