Monday, June 14, 2010

Take a memo..

Mondays are usually my day to play catch up, but since the boys are all camping and I had to have things caught up by Saturday morning, I had time on my hands to make more
French memo boards, like the one I made for myself.  
The one above is for Bubbie - with a touch of red!
One for Scout with two shades of lovely blue.
This one is for my niece - her room is being painted lilac. And she has already told me she loves black. 
These buttons are carved from shell and have been dyed lilac. Aren't they pretty?
I think I need to add some special buttons to the ones I made the boys, too.  The more buttons at the cross marks, the better to hold small photos, etc.  OK,  I'm over memo boards - for now.  Although, I think its a good go-to craft for last minute birthday gifts as it takes so little fabric and is a snap to do!

1 comment:

Marie said...

Oh Gina, these are fabulous!
Love the lilac buttons you used
and the fabrics are perfect.
You are so thoughtful of everyone!


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