Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pantry improvement

Summer is a time when I look around and notice things to be done and
actually have the time to do them!
A couple of weeks ago I undertook the project of re-papering my pantry, cleaning it out as I went, and re-painting it to make it spiffy.  I couldn't find the original green and white checked shelf paper - so I went with red and white.  Red is OK with me.
I like to use baskets to help corral small things like ramen noodle packages and snacks. 
I have one for baking things, too - small containers of baking soda, vanilla, etc.
  I have used these large re-purposed pickle jars for years to hold flour and sugar. 
Can you imaging what happens if someone drops this on my tile floor? 
I have some old yellow Tupperware canisters  - but you can't see what's in them - so I don't use them. 
It was time to update my pantry storage:
My solution was these nifty Rubbermaid storage containers - unbreakable and stackable.  I printed my own labels and slapped them on with clear packaging tape.  The good thing about that tape is that it can be peeled off and replaced with another label, no problem.  And the red matched the shelf liner - WA-LA!
I really like the new containers and how easy it will be to get to my baking goods without having a huge disaster like dropping a large glass container.  Let's face it - I will probably never own a Cricut. Nifty as they are, I have to make myself happy printing labels and using clear tape to plaster them onto things. 
I'll probably buy one more container as I need it for rice. Then I will give my glass jars to my mom, along with the old Tupperware. Why didn't I do this sooner?


Kimberly said...

Happy Saturday to you! I just wanted to let you know that I and giving you an award and you can find it from this link:
All the best,

Debbie said...

Thanks Gina....we sure would have fun!!~:)

Merrie said...

Great ideas! I looove organizing, and you and Kimba are inspiring me to get back to it! :)


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