Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life Skills

Rustown Art

With varying degrees of success, Mark and I have tried to instill the following attributes in our children.  We started talking about these things while they were very young - just starting school - and it was helpful that the school also talked about them. I post them on the fridge; they are timely even as my children are growing into adolescents and adults, and even some adults benefit from a reminder, right?

1.    Integrity - act according to your sense of
right and wrong
2.    Initiative - if it's to be, it's up to you
3.    Flexibility - be willing to alter your plans
4.    Perseverance - never give up
5.    Organization - a place for everything and
everything in it's place
6.    Sense of humor - laugh and be playful without
hurting others
7.    Effort - do your best!
8.    Common sense - use your good judgement
9.    Problem solving - create solutions to
difficult situations and everyday problems
10.  Responsibility - be accountable for your actions
(and your finances, and your education...)
11.  Patience - to wait calmly for someone
or something
12.  Friendship - make and keep friends through mutual
trust and sharing
13.  Curiosity - investigate and understand your world
14.  Cooperation - work with others toward a
common goal
15.  Caring - feel and show genuine concern for others
16.  Courage - the ability to withstand difficulty,
danger, or fear

Parenthood is the hardest job you'll ever love!

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Susan said...

Nice! It think I will make something like this in a subway art form for my kids. Black background on plywood with big white letters. Check out her tutorial on how to do it...www.lilbluboo.com
Thanks for the inspiration on the subject :)


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