Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Wednesday Menus #4 and make it up as you go along

I actually enjoy grocery shopping.  I have a fairly organized list and I pretty much follow it, though I won't say I stick to it 100%.  A lot of times, a new item, or one that's on sale, will catch my eye and I will think "I can use that later even though it doesn't fit into the menu this go-round".  Such was the case with this sauce I bought about a month ago:
I'm going to devise a pasta dish with boneless chicken thighs, pasta, and some fresh grated cheese.  No recipe - I'm just going to wing it!

Wednesday - Crock pot of beans with last of the ham from Christmas!
Thursday - Chicken Tacos (this keeps getting bumped but I am determined to make it!)
Friday - Italian Wedding Soup, hot rolls
Saturday - Dad grills
Sunday - Crock Pot Roast with onions and mushrooms, freezer mashed potatoes, salad
Monday - Smokey Pumpkin and Chipotle Chicken Thighs, pasta, salad
Tuesday - Hamburger SOS on toast, green beans
I think the main reason I cannot subscribe to those grocery services where you place an order then drive through for pick-up is that I need to SEE the item I am buying as it goes into my cart.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but how else is there to buy produce?  Also, HEB and any other place I buy food frequently has food marked down - I love shopping at Super Target for this very reason.  Grocery stores only have so much room for stock and if an item is deemed seasonal, it gets marked down as soon as the retail calendar says that holiday is over.  Plus,  there is always something I spy in the store that I forgot to add to my list.  Last week it was toilet paper - a pretty crucial item.  What about you?  Do you enjoy grocery shopping?

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