Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Shower spiff for mom and dad

Don't most showers  in our homes have those hanging caddy thingies?
 I think I have bought a new one every three years since we have lived here.  They rust, or the grip-y thing breaks, or it's just not the right size or configuration.  (goodness, that's a grimy shower door!)  Plus, they aren't cheap.
 I wound a hair tie up there to keep ours from falling forward, but eventually it did, scaring me half to death as things came clattering down around my head in the wee hours of a weekend morning!
 I had to prop things backwards so they could balance the load.  The whole thing was rusty and icky and I decided it had to go.  So, while I was out running errands today I picked up another two of those Command shower caddies (with a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coup!).  I put a couple of them in the boys' bathroom and they have worked really well - you can slide them off their tracks to run them through the dishwasher - genius!
The only downside is that you have to install them on an impeccably clean tile wall, shower once, then let the strips cure for 24 hours.  Then you can put the caddies back on the strips and load them up.  They hold 3# each, so one for me, one for Hubby.  I gave the whole thing  a good scrubbing and even replaced the drain cover.  Now to let it set up, then I will replace the soaps and shampoo tomorrow and call it done. 
Next morning:
Back to the never-ending to-do list...


1 comment:

bj said...

Seems if it's not one thing we have to replace, it's 20 more.
This one looks like it will last awhile.


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