Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shower spiff for the boys

I came across these Command Shower caddies on another blog, then as luck would have it, saw them on a recent trip to Tarjay.  I thought they would be perfect to corral all of the boys' shower stuff.
 Their shower isn't messy as is, but what's not to love about a caddie large enough for all of their supplies?  And it will keep the sides of the shower a little cleaner.
Can you believe that at one point there were FOUR kids using this space?  Everyone used community shampoo and soap until The Girl became a teenager.  Then it was mayhem!  Showers seemed to take forever, even with my five minute rule.
Oh, I see mold.  I started out by scrubbing the whole area down and washing the shower curtain and liner.  I figured it might as well get a thorough once-over.
The instructions are precise, but easy to follow.  Once you clean the area with the alcohol wipe provided and let it dry, you apply the strips of adhesive to the plastic thingies that hold the caddies up.  You use the shower once, then wait 24 hours to attach the caddies.
Here they are, full of Axe (the boys are not wild about Axe, but they got so much of it at Christmas!) waiting on the counter until the next day.
I also hung a hook for each bath sponge.
There's plenty of room in them and holes for drainage.  Plus, you can slide them off and run them thru the dishwasher if they become really grungy. 
A clean and fresh shower.  Near and dear to my heart, if not theirs.

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