Friday, September 30, 2016

5 thing Friday - home, pumpkin cocoa, birthday girl, dinner, Teddy

A couple of weeks ago, I paused while heading out to the car to take Bubbie to band practice, just noticing how peaceful our street looked.
Then I took a good look at the front of our house from the driveway.  It's a pretty house, with lots of green thanks to recent rain.  With all this talk of our future plans in Burnet, I know I will miss Camp Rustown terribly.  We've raised four kids here in a house we initially thought we'd never be able to afford.  It was like a dream come true moving in.  When the time comes to leave, I'll be a hot mess.
It's feeling more and more like Fall with every morning.  I bought some pumpkin cocoa and set it out by the coffee pot, but so far, my peeps are not ready for all things pumpkin.
The Girl refused to give me a list of things she might want for her birthday.  She's so hard to buy for!  I ended up getting her a pretty top she can wear to work, a dressy hair scrunchie (just because I saw it and thought it was cute), three bracelets from Charlie Madison Originals with a matching pair of earrings, a giant bag of cashews because she loves them, and at the wineries on Sunday we bought her a couple bottles of her favorites.  I hope she had a fun time with the "old folks"!
Dinner one day last week:  Parmesan Ranch Chicken thighs, green beans (with strangely round carrot nubs), and a baked potato.  Mine was slathered in bleu cheese dressing as we are out of sour cream.  I haven't been doing as much cooking lately as our schedule revolves around band, my job, and Hubby being out of town.
The Girl and Teddy love to lay in my bed - I don't blame them.  All we have for her when she visits is a blow up mattress.  After the first of the year I want to search for a daybed frame for The Lounge.

Then I will order another of those memory foam mattresses for it and anyone will have a place to sleep comfortably, off the floor, when they visit and it won't necessarily take up the whole room.  
Can you believe tomorrow is October??


bj said...

This is such a good, heart warming post...I relate to your feelings of moving out of the house where you raised your kids...we moved from our home of 40 years close to 4 years ago and I'm still not completely over it...
Early mornings and late evenings are almost cold here but daytime temps still hover around high 80's...and your dinner looks sooo good.

Simply LKJ said...

Awww...neighbors of ours just put them home on the market. They have lived here as long as we have, 24 years. They aren't going far, just downsizing nearby. But, it is bittersweet. Our baby girl is home this weekend. Her birthday is today. I picked up a couple things for her, but then took her shopping earlier to let her pick some things. Dinner looks yummy!!


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