Monday, September 26, 2016

What the week holds, and Driftwood wine partay with The Girl

Yesterday we took The Girl to the wine pick up party at Driftwood Estates.  We got there early and chose a lovely spot on the patio, then Hubby proceeded to set up his patio umbrella.
The Girl and I overheard some guy snarking about "taking down that red umbrella", and low and behold, the owner came over asked Hubby to take it down.  
Well, shoot.
The Girl and I gathered up three stacking chairs and two tiny tables and relocated us down the grassy slope, by the rock wall that overlooks the bluff.  We set our smoked salmon, cheese with cherries, sliced apples, mozzarella and prosciutto, and crackers.  
Hubby also enjoyed a giant cheeseburger!
 It has a nice view, too, and under the trees we didn't need the umbrella.  So we thought.
 Overcast skies persisted and while Hubby was off getting a bottle of wine the sky opened!
He got back just as the deluge hit and we set up that patio umbrella once again!  We were super glad he hadn't taken it back to the truck.  While everyone around us was scrambling back up the hill to the covered patio, smushed in like sardines, we were enjoying our wine, our large red umbrella, and some impressive rain and thunder.
Cozy and dry.  Take that, snarky guy!
We had a great time at Driftwood, then we took The Girl over to Wimberley Valley Winery to get us some blackberry wine - I love it!
 We might have also enjoyed a wine tasting.  Then we also might have purchased a bottle of wine to drink on the patio.
Since it had rained so hard, they weren't busy.  Everything was wet but it was peaceful and smelled so nice.
It was a nice day, rain and all!  This week I have a couple of physical therapy appointments, a mammo on Thursday (ugh), and Friday I want to go to my mother's house to help her with housework - she has broken her arm, so she is at a sister's house. I want her to come home to no dirty laundry or dishes, with clean sheets on the bed and swept floors.  It's hard to know what else to do, I wish she lived closer...
What does your week look like?

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Brandi said...

Haha! Take that snarky guy! Glad you and your family had a nice time!


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