Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lord, Thank You

I'm not particularly church-y, but I do have a thankful heart.   Every now and then I have to remind myself that, in the midst of my stressful life,  I am truly blessed.  And, even though I can't go to church with my family as often as I like, I think we are all on the right track with our heads screwed on straight. But it never hurts to say an extra Thank You, now and again...
Lord, Thank You
 For this pile of dirty dishes, the overflowing kitchen recycle bin, and my dirty oven and fridge...we have plenty to eat.
For these unmade beds...we all have a cozy warm place to sleep at night.  
I know that many have no bed.
For this dirty bathroom with it's splattered mirror, toothpaste-speckled sink, hot water and soap, grimy is so convenient.
For the grass that must be raked, mowed, weeded, and watered...
our family enjoys having our yard.
And for that old van that's still chuggin' along!
 For the screen door that has been slammed so many times it is bent and banging from kids running outside to children have all been healthy and strong.
For my family, who though we may sometimes not all get along, all love each other dearly and will pull together in good times and in bad.  We are a family, and that's what matters!

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Patricia Purcell said...

My mother used to have a little sign hanging in her kitchen that went something like, "Thank God for dirty dishes, for by them we can tell that we're eating very well." You're right, we've got to love the messes that our families create, because they go hand in hand with being blessed with our families. Thanks for the reminder!


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