Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter photos

I actually looked pretty on Easter Day.  Nice makeup.  My hair behaved.  My cheapo dress went perfectly with my heels and I had a pretty pedicure to match.  The Girl looked pretty in her white sundress and pink shrug sweater.  The boys all looked great - new polos, even.  Hubby had a suit on.  But do you think we got even ONE pic of this?  No.  Not even one.
 By the time we were all dressed it was time to head to church.
 By the time we left church, we were all starving and wanting to get home.
At home, people headed for their rooms and changed into casual clothes to veg the rest of the day in.
It was a lovely day, inside and out, with great food and enjoying time together, just the six of us.  Everyone did "plug in" for a portion of the afternoon - notice how The Girl is multitasking?  
But we also played a few games of Skip Bo.  I got a nap in.  Hubby shopped for us a new kitchen cooktop.  The Girl found a potential lessee for her apartment.  And we all watched a fun movie and had take out pizza in the evening.  My indoor photos never turn out well... but fancy photos do not a great family day make... and it was a lovely Easter.

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Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

Ha! I didn't even get the camera out...didn't even think of it! Your relaxing day looks great! Angie xo


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