Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tacky Homemades

That's how my mother always refers to gifts she makes at Christmastime - and they are always anything BUT tacky.  And personally, I like a gift that's hand made and home made.  So, I got an idea to make ornaments for a co-worker who's name I may or may nor have drawn in our Secret Santa gift exchange.  I'm not sayin'...
I started out with sparkly unbreakable ornaments from Michael's, and some shimmery white fabric paint.  I found the cutest Ho Ho Ho ribbon and was so excited!  Only to discover at home that someone had cut about half of it off the roll....grrr...Michael's was very nice and let me get another roll...but I had to settle on polka dots ribbon.
Still pretty cute - stripes and dots together work!
I used a measuring cup to hold the ornament steady and wrote each family member's name in white,
 Eventually I used my cute martini glasses for the task...mmmmm....martinis.....
This set has the cutest pitcher, too.  I really need to get over to the liquor store and get the fixin's for a holiday martini!  OK, back to the craft...
Then I added a dot of red to the lettering.  They dried pretty quickly.
And when they did, I added the ribbon to the tops to gussy them up a bit.  She will still be able to hook a tree hanger in there to hang them on their tree.  No worries about them breaking - hooray!

I packaged them in one of those red rectangular zip loc containers and bundled that with a box of Starbucks cocoa, candy canes, and gingersnaps. The ginger snaps are in a wrapping paper covered Pringle's can - an idea from Angie at Echoes of Laughter.
Merry Christmas, Mom of Three Cute Kids!


Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

What cute gifts. I like that you bundled everything together, it looks so extravagant.

Marie said...

What a great idea!
Love it!

Angie@Echoes of Laughter said...

It looks so awesome all bundled together! I think anyone would be delighted to receive such a beautiful gift! And thank you so much for linking to me! You are so sweet! Angie xo


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