Monday, December 20, 2010

A dying breed

The soft flannel vintage stuffed beagle doggie group - the last of it's kind.
 A lavendar one for the baby:
 Her big sister, the pink one.  Notice they both have blue eyes!
 The dusty blue big bro.  Wait - is he rolling his eyes at me?!
There they sit, the last of a breed; doggies #9, 10, and 11.  Their maker tired of them. 
Ready to move on to other sewing projects...
...and ready to wrap them up for their new home.


Hallie said...

Those are adorable!! Love them!!

Mom of Three Cute Kids! said...

Eeeeek! We love them!! They are snuggled in with their respective owners tonight...with the exception of the lavender one. Her owner can't be trusted by herself around those tasty blue eyes.


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