Sunday, September 26, 2010

Found, a sister

She was never really lost.  I just didn't know quite how to find her and I finally did - by google-ing another family member's name, that led me in a roundabout path to her...and this is what she looked like when I was 8; so she must have been 22.  And this is me at 22 as well.  From what I'm told, she and I looked a lot alike.  
But it's so hard for me to tell...
She's so cute.  And I rack my brain to remember her - singing to me, changing my diapers, letting me sit in her lap like I was her baby.  But I was too young to store those memories permanently so I rely on her to share them with me.  And she has. But to her, I am still a child.
I feel almost like I lost something.  Even though I found someone.  And it makes me a lot sad, but also a lot happy.  Is it ever too late to find people out there, who share the same family as you, who you have a deep connection to, and who know things about you and your life that you don't?
Scary.  But wonderful.  And so full of possibility.

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Marie said...

It's never too late to connect with those you care about. Glad you found her.
Gotta love the internet :)


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