Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hubby's new toy

Hubby got a new toy - but one I think we will all enjoy him playing with!
A freaking large smoker that takes up a corner of the patio where I was going to position my herb garden on a baker's rack.  But seeing as how I haven't found the perfect rack yet, I'll let this live here.  
Especially if it feeds us good things.

Like brisket which he and Bubbie dream up different rubs for, then seal in foil and smoke 10 hours or more...

I do love brisket.  Of course, to make this worth our while, we really need to load the smoker up with a couple of briskets and maybe a chicken or two, and don't forget the ribs...

All that's missing is the smoke ring and hubby claims to know how to fix this next time.
  Either way, it was fabulous!
Leftover brisket makes for some awesome tacos, sammies, and a "stir in" for beans. This particular brisket will feed us for 3 meals.  Now we can have a backyard BBQ this Fall
which will torture neighbors and friends. 
In a good way!

1 comment:

Marie said...

Gotta love those new "toys"!
I hope your family has some lovely
cookouts this season :)


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