Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shapely art

I've seen lots of silhouette art in Bloggyland lately.  I always think "I can do that!".  Then it takes me a while to get going on it.  Yesterday I quit procrastinating and stopped into Michael's for this pretty hunter green card stock and floating frame. 
 I had already gone through my photos picking out the profile shots I wanted to use and had them printed out 4x6.  I also cropped them before printing so the profile would fill most of the 4x6 area and all my silhouettes would be about the same size.  Then I cut out each profile, laid it on the green card stock, and used the photo as my template.  I just used my tiny sewing scissors to cut them out...
The green matches the second half of the kid's bathroom and is one of my favorite colors.  It will go great with the soft sunny yellow wall.  The Girl's profile looks exactly like her - uncanny!
I lined up the shapes in order of oldest to youngest - this was the hardest part - you want the space between each silhouette to be even.  But using a floating frame made it easy to adjust.  Then I just put the frame together and hung it using the clear hangers on the back. I can tell the little bit of personality in the shape of every face...the introverted deep-feeler, the self-driven competitor, the sweet-natured kind soul, and the bright and inquisitive little brother who holds his own!
You could see a little bit of the hanger showing.
So I found some pretty striped scrapbook paper and matched up the stripes.
You have to get real close to tell where they meet, and who is gonna do that, I ask?
The whole thing was just a few dollars and I love how it pulls the green of the shower
area into the sink area. Plus, it's very tasteful bathroom art!


Jennifer Juniper said...

I love how they float in that frame, great job!

Jerri said...

Very cute! I've been wanting to do a silouette project too. Love your idea! Thanks for linking up for Friday Favorites!

Jerri said...

Hi. I'm featuring your post this week for my Friday Favorites! Come by and get my featured button if you'd like!

Santa's Gift Shoppe and Ideas said...

Hi.. I'm Barb from Simply Sweet Home..Love your silhouettes..They are just beautiful..Good job!
I am your newest Follower... I hope you will pop over to my blog @
& see if there is anything that might inspire you for your family/home & that you will become a Follower of mine as well. Nice to meet ya new friend!

Hallie said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea! Can't wait to make it for our new house!!


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