Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Message on a plate

Who among us hasn't felt like 90% of our job as a mom is to remind and nag and teach - sometimes all in the same breath?  It gets a  little tiresome, and sometimes I think my kids aren't really listening... today I found a way I can impart a little wisdom and/or advice to my family for a whopping $3.  A large melamine platter from Wally World, and a dry erase marker.  Originally, I was going to use chalkboard paint and ceramic platter for the same idea.  but I haven't found the platter I like yet.  
This will do for now:

I'm not sending you out in the world with low expectations of your character and behavior,
and Dad and I expect for you to look within yourself to get what you truly want.
You can't expect others to be more vested in your future than you are,
and it's unreasonable to be picky about the results, unless you're the one who's doing the work!
It only takes a few words and a sincere smile to let others know you appreciate them
and common sense married with the Golden Rule will take you far.
If all else fails, I can use it to post the menu!

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