Monday, May 24, 2010

My garage OCD

I can be sort of a freak about organization.  I take the old "everything in it's place" to extreme.  And, if you share a house with me, I believe your stuff should be in it's place, too! This causes hubby great concern over me throwing out his "stuff".  Which more often than not, is trash we should have pitched long ago....anyhoo....I got my trusty helper to help me neaten up the garage Friday. It was making me crazy. er.
When I saw the "after" photo, I was still cringing.  You could barely tell we'd spent 2 hours in the heat and dust. We just own too much crap, plain and simple.  All that crap isn't enriching our lives or making us happy in any way. And taking hours to straighten and organize it actually lessens the joy of having a home that's comfy for us all...just my opinion.

I can see a little glimmer of more space here - at least everyone has a place for their bike.  Parking a car in here would be out of the question, though...

And we can actually get to the back door without injuring ourselves tripping over stuff. Even if the stuff is shoved into every nook and cranny...yikes...26 years of accumulated "treasure".
Of course now, we have to rid our garage of a rather large pile - analog TV's, broken stereo speakers, a cabinet I was going to paint and didn't.....and why do we have a sandwich board?  I envision a place where the boys can hang out with a dart board, table, and a few folding chairs....if I could only get hubby on board with clearing out the unnecessary clutter....


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themasons said...

don't ya love to get all organized? nice job!


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