Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Dumpster done!

 Last Friday the dumpster arrived at Highlands:
This is the SECOND one we have loaded!  PLUS, the guy who sold us the property had many things hauled off and had made a giant burn pile to the side of the barn.  So yes, Highlands was once a dump.  But we are slowly restoring it to a more pristine state.
 {and soon I will show you before and afters!}
Hubby, Scout, Dutch, and I worked for about 7 1/2 hours and at the end of the day on Saturday all of us were exhausted and filthy but we cleared everything we could find out from underneath trees and in meadows. 
 We still have eleventy billion tires to dispose of but haven't yet decided how to tackle that issue.
For now we are imagining this view, sans dumpster, with a guest cabin nearby.
This is the spot I showed last week - all that's left is some assorted smallish planks of wood (which we can take care of in the burn barrel) and those fence posts that we will use for marking off a garden.
And as usual at Highlands, there is often treasure to be found - this time in an old metal milk crate which was full of PVC joints and sitting under a tree.  {What should I use it for, I wonder?}  Hubby and I ended Sunday by filling another four garbage bags full of...well, garbage...then headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner.  And both of us were beyond exhausted by then, but I'm so glad we have that winter project behind us!

Monday, January 14, 2019

Mealplan Monday #228

The Imperfect Produce boxes are really helping to oomph up our menus!
Monday - Pork Stew with carrots and parsnips, rolls or biscuits
Tuesday - Pot Sticker Stir Fry with bok choy
Wednesday - Pot o' beans (seasoned with smoked something), probably corn muffins
Thursday - Chicken Skillet (chicken thighs, shallots, garlic, and yellow squash)
Friday - Crunchy Tacos al Poblano, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese
Saturday - A nice birthday meal for Firstborn!
Sunday - (Freezer) Pulled Pork Sammies, tater tots

Friday, January 11, 2019

Dumpster time

When we bought Highlands we knew it was going to be a lot of work to get it cleaned up - it was a virtual dump, full of every kind of trash.  Old boats that were rotting in place, piles of highway reflector tiles almost buried in cacti and weeds, stacks of floor tiles, bricks, lots of metal tubing and poles, mattress coils ensnarled in growing trees, just trash of every kind...and the tires.  At least 100 tires scattered throughout.  We filled a dumpster full of debris last year and now its time again to order another dumpster.
So guess what's on the agenda this weekend?
Its best to do this in January when you can actually see things without so much vegetation growing around it.  Plus the snakes are hibernating (hopefully) and the weather is mild.
Its definitely a process - over time we've accumulated more trash in an area we call "the dump".  We've managed to stage that area to make loading the dumpster easier.  We still have a lot of metal that we can contact a metal dealer to come pick up and buy, and those tires...not sure how we will get rid of those as we'd have to pay to dispose of those properly.  But eventually, this dump area will be a nice place to put a cabin or picnic table and chairs. Wish us luck!  My arm is still feeling the effects of moving those landscaping rocks in October...

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

January clean sweep: the bedroom

I finally got both Christmas trees down - one to the curb on New Year's Day, the other to the garage yesterday.  While that doesn't seem like a huge feat, I assure you, it was no walk in the park.  Along with storing the Christmas decor I purged some as well.  Then I had to sweep.  And mop. Yada yada yada.  And that same refresh and purge thing followed me into the master bedroom where I made some changes.
All of the furniture got thoroughly dusted and cleaned, as did the carpets.  I moved things OUT of this room and am enjoying the empty spaces - the one above was once home to a basket of magazines I hadn't looked at in over a year.  Now I'm thinking that's a nice spot for a faux fiddle leaf fig.
The furniture is a pain to dust and clean, which is why it only happens a couple times a year - so many grooves and details on it.
And while this room will never win awards for being Pinterest worthy - I definitely need a new dust ruffle and comforter, and some curtains would be great - its clean and bright.
I moved a lot of clutter out of here - Hubby's guitars, those aforementioned mags, the alarm clock/radio I rarely use, the kids artwork, some packaging from last Christmas! that was stored under the bed, and two panes of glass that were night stand toppers (one being chipped badly)...
I set up my essential oils diffuser on my nightstand, dusted those floating shelves,
...washed sheets and remade the bed.  And it was so nice to come home to on Sunday evening!  Next stop: the den.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Mealplan Monday #227

Monday - Apricot Chicken, rice, Brussels sprouts
Tuesday - Pork Chops, mashed sweet potatoes
Wednesday - Mushroom Turkey Soup, hot rolls
Thursday - Beefy Bean Burritos, salad
Friday - Chicken and Pasta Bowls with carrots
Saturday - YOYO
Sunday - Salsa Verde Breakfast Casserole and butter dip biscuits

Friday, January 4, 2019

5 thing Friday - cider, stack ring, cards, flannel sheets, Christmas storage

Hubby and I took The Girl to a few places while she was here including Fairweather Cider.
We enjoyed a Common, Tejano Dreams, and a Smell the Van.  I envision us visiting them a lot when the weather warms up, although they were selling hot cider as well.  Cider isn't what I expected.  Its not sweet and has a refreshing feel to it.  Me likey.
One of my fav Christmas gifts was a stack ring to wear with my birthstone ring.  Its the James Avery Renaissance band and I love it for all of its vintage-y detail.  So pretty!
The Girl and I played cards so often and so loudly that no one else wanted to play...and mostly she won.  She's fairly competitive - she didn't get that from Lazy Me.  Oh, and we also enjoyed some great wine.
The after Christmas sales  are easy for me to resist - except at Target where they have the prettiest flannel sheets.  I paid $18 for a new queen size set and I LOVE this print.  Flannel sheets are so wonderful in the winter!
 Mischief managed!  
Christmas decor whittled down to three tubs (not counting the kids' tree stuff which is its own collection in ONE tub)  I was reminded by Kathryn at Do It On a Dime to purge again this year as I stored.  I had done this before, but for some reason, Christmas decor seems to multiply...See the empty one at the top?  It figures prominently in my plans for clearing out the guest room closet!  Now I need to haul some things to Goodwill...

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Christmas 2018 in pictures...

As usual, my photography was lacking.  Again, living in the moment, not the pictures.  So its all good.

 This Christmas there was card-playing...
 snackatizer eating...
and wrapping pile-ing.  
In other words, we had a lovely time that day.
And I am looking forward to the New Year!


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