Friday, July 3, 2015

5 thing Friday - landscaping, art, dishes, clings, sparklers

When it comes to landscaping, I am little more than clueless.  I just plant what I like where I like.  Then I wait and see.  Then I realize I am in over my head. 
 I was thinking that the lantana would make a nice "little" spot of color by the walkway.  It is taking over!  When I get over my current attack of lazy I will trim up this area.  Blerg.  So muggy out.
 Mabel has become quite the Artist's Den.
It's fun to sit out there and color in my adult coloring book and sip vino.  I'm sipping, not gulping.  Promise.  And eating chocolate covered almonds.  And hiding from my peeps.
 There is literally no end to dirty dishes at my house.  I could load and reload the dishwasher twice a day.  Even if I hand wash them, there has to be someplace to dry them.  And a person to put them up.  Because there is ALWAYS dirty dishes.  Will it be that way when it's just Hubby and me?  I often wonder...
 I changed up the clings in Mabel.  I didn't like how the first ones came out.  I found these bling-y ones at Wal-Mart for $2.50.  Sold.  Hopefully living, laughing, and loving will become our mantra.
Happy Independence Day, everyone!  Mama works a 12 hour shift that day, but I'm sure to get a grilled something when I get home.  And maybe sparklers, too!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monday, June 29, 2015

Well, it's gone now...

On a hot sunny day, Firstborn came to unload the engine from the van into the GT in order to get all of it's parts together for the tow truck.  The City of Austin and it's dead vehicle law won.
Though there are still random car parts in the back of the van, he might one day be able to fit the seats back in...
 He wasn't in the mood for photos.
He was actually kind of snarky.  
And hot, sweaty, tired, and mildly angry.
There you have it: a car engine in it's own backseat.  You saw it here first.
Oh, and an extra bumper.
The tow truck driver handed him a check for $250 and drove off with a prized possession. A hard lesson learned.  Death of a dream.
And on a rainy day not too long afterwards, Bubbie had room to do some bike repairs.  I realize I'm not posting recipes lately - I haven't been cooking much.  That will change now that the boys are back from camping...

Friday, June 26, 2015


The spiders at my house are always busy.  When The Girl and I cleaned the patio, we cleaned so many old webs off furniture, walls, plants.  Some of them were full of leaves and dirt.
It's a losing battle - woman against spider.  The teensy tiny ones get into the house and build intricate cities underneath chairs and around cabinets.  Overnight, webs will sprout up in tiny pockets of the house.  Yes, I clean them up.  No, it doesn't hurt my psyche at all. 
But I have to admire the big ones made outside.  This one is attached to a tree on one side, wind chimes on the next.  Wind chimes!  They move constantly!  What a talented spider to be able to work around all that clanging and movement to create something tranquil and beautiful and strong.
 We could all learn a lot from how a spider goes about it's business.
The webs are lacy and pretty out here on the trees.  I'll let them stay.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015

Tiny office

You wouldn't know it to look at my tiny nook of an "office" but I actually get a lot of work done here:
I pay bills, blog, work on various computer tasks, etc.  It was a mess, nevertheless, and I felt like it needed a lift.
 Far too much crap on that bulletin board!
 It's functional for me, but some day I want a real office - like the pretty ones I see on some other blogs.  A space to get really creative! 
For now, I can switch out some of the fabrics.  I already have the cute new lamp, why not go with a touch of blue?
 Fifteen minutes and a heavy duty stapler was all it took to spiff up the chair.  I really love this print I found at JoAnn - half off.  I had enough to make a couple of toss pillows for the living room chairs in here, too.
 About the same amount of time it took to sew a new liner for the binder basket underneath the desk.  The blue lampshade - I love it. 
 Clearing off the clutter did wonders.  Emptied the file pile and the trash, cleared out the drawers a bit, dusted underneath it all...
...and unloaded that bulletin board.  I still might paint the top of the desk, switch out the hardware, and choose a blue burlap to re-cover the French memo bulletin board.  But what a difference a little spiffing made.  (Now if I could only take better pictures of it all)

Friday, June 19, 2015

5 thing Friday - eggs, martini, cat, rainbow, ladies

My mother has some super laying chickens.  Some of the eggs are so big you have to worry about the chickie - OUCH.
 Remember that old Bluebell slogan?  The cows think Brenham is heaven?
 Maybe chickens do, too! Or maybe they're just super spoiled and well fed...
 Jack Allens' Kitchen makes a fine Mexican Martini.  I highly (hic) recommend it.  Hubby and I are all about trying new places, but some some deserve multiple visits, and this is one of those places!  We had some delish chorizo stuffed tenderloin and some barbacoa enchiladas, too.  No room for dessert!
 My kitty seems to be losing weight.  Plus, she regularly roams the kitchen looking for food bits on the floor.  She's gotten quite bold about hopping up in your face when she smells you eating something good.  And when she hears a pull tab being opened she thinks it's canned food even though I stopped serving her that over a year ago. I need to move her nap pad out of the kitchen.
On Sunday we were treated to a rainbow that went from one end of the hospital...
to the other.
When we looked out of the stairwell, there it was!  Even bigger and so vibrant.  It was a great way to start the day, no?
Mini-reunion with ladies I worked with 25 years ago.  All still beautiful and lively and fun.  How can it have been that long ago?  Seems like yesterday...


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