Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ready for tomorrow - almost!

On Sunday, we had plans for a fun afternoon and evening.  So since I knew the week would be jam-packed, I went ahead and set the table up for Thursday.  I added a leaf to the table, put the table pad on, ran the dampened tablecloth in the dryer to smooth it out, then set about trying to put it all together quickly.
 I pinned an idea from someone's blog a while back, where they had laid doilies down the middle of the table to make a sort of runner.  I have many doilies!
Some of them are thrifted, but quite a few were made by my mother.  They are vintage and fussy looking - perfect for that fancy schmancy silver.  I added the plates and stemware form Dollar Tree, napkins from Hob Lob (80% off!), the silver, some gold chargers I have had forever, and a couple of battery operated candles in some Dollar Tree candle holders. (there's a tiny remote control for them, too!)  Then I fished some burlap ribbon out of my stash since it was getting late to go find pretty ribbon...there are just not enough days off in the week!
It was all of $14 to make a pretty table. and we will have the plates and goblets for our Christmas table, too.  I've gotten an amazing amount done this morning:  made two pies, three side dishes, cleaned my kitchen thoroughly and unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher.  All that's left is actual cooking and enjoying our day tomorrow! But for now, I'm off to work...

Monday, November 20, 2017

Mealplan Monday #45

Monday - Crunchy Beef Tacos with all the fixings
Tuesday - Garlicky Onion Pork Chops crockpot, mashed potatoes, chopped salad
Happy Birthday to Mom!
Wednesday - Pizza, salad (Thanksgiving dinner prep tonight)
Thursday - Happy Thanksgiving! 
Friday - Lunch will be BBQ in Elgin, dinner will be turkey soup while we watch a movie
Saturday - grill at Highlands
Sunday - Leftovers!

Friday, November 17, 2017

5 thing Friday - Fall colors, stew, goblets, front door, wreath

From one weekend to the next I noticed the changing colors up at Highlands.
It might not feel like cooler weather, but it sure looks it.  Central Texas can't decide between Summer and Fall, but the trees have made their vote!
We haven't been up there in two weeks, so I'm sure its even lovelier by now!
I didn't take a picture of my finished crock pot stew, but it was almost all gone by the time I got home from work.  Recycled dinner at its best - a tomato almost too ripe, a couple of carrots, some small potatoes about to sprout - all went into the crockpot with a seasoning packet, some extra chopped garlic, water, and some stew meat.  It was definitely a win.
On the advice of a sweet blogger I follow, I went back to Dollar Tree and nabbed another of those plates - the last one!  And while I was at it, I grabbed some of the wine goblets, too.  You cannot beat $1 apiece for wine goblets!  These are study and dishwasher safe.  And if one gets broken I will not care as much as if one of the crystal ones met a similar fate...I'm glad I didn't order some like I had originally planned.
Eventually the front door will get painted, but that doesn't seem like it will happen soon.  And anyway, its almost time to say goodbye to pumpkins and such.  And in anticipation I bought a few items at Dollar Tree to spruce up a wreath for the front door.  Can you believe that giant glittery reindeer was $1??
Next weekend the house will be Christmas-festive by Sunday.  For now, I am wondering how I can finish the Thanksgiving table.  Still thinking fresh flowers!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I was on call this past weekend so I stayed close to home and got some things ready for the best holiday ever that is coming up next week:  THANKSGIVING!!  There will be seven of us this year and I work that evening, so I want the morning to go off without a hitch.  But I also want the house to be clean and organized and pretty!
I bought all of the dry goods for various recipes and stored them in the pantry {so I wouldn't forget and accidentally use something I needed later!}  Next week I will make the sides in advance on Wednesday and zap them into the fridge.  And Saturday I will set the bird in the fridge to thaw.
I pulled the glass off the china cabinet and gave it a microfiber and Windex cleaning. I'd been meaning to do this for so long.  The glass is so pretty and shiny now!
And that inspired me to get the rest of the dining room spiffed.  I replaced the felt pads under the table and all of the chairs.  They slide much more easily now and won't scrape the floor.  This table and chair set is super heavy!
Then I used a cleaning cloth and some hot soapy water to freshen up the chair pads -  moved all of the chairs and mopped, too. Now I just need to dress that table up!  I'm thinking some fresh flowers...
And since I know we don't have enough forks and knives for seven people, it seems as good a time as any to pull down the silver and use it.  I think we may have used it once in all of the years we have had it - the last few holidays its just been the six of us and I didn't even think about it.  Its a beautiful set and it seems pointless to store it away forever and never see it.  My MIL is smiling from heaven at this, too!
On a favorite blog I saw mention of these simple white plates from Dollar Tree so I ran over there and got 7 of them.  They will go well with the silver and a solid color tablecloth.  I didn't find the pretty napkins I was after, but I still have a few days, and these turkey ones  will go to the kitchen table.  They seem too quirky for the dinner table.  Now all I have to do is make sure I have enough clean casserole dishes, locate my turkey baster and gravy boat, and make out my meal prep plan!

Monday, November 13, 2017

Mealplan Monday #44

Monday - Dr. Martin's Mix, corn
Tuesday - Beef Stew Crockpot, garlic toast
Wednesday - Omellette, hash browns, fruit
Thursday - Pinto beans in crockpot, corn muffins
Friday - Garlic Roasted Chicken crockpot, mashed potatoes, veggie (we never had this a couple weeks ago)
Saturday we grill and and Sunday we'll press the Easy Button and do Chinese!

Friday, November 10, 2017

It's finally time for flannel!!

It feels like Fall here, and that makes me want to get things accomplished!  Today I will actually get Scout's old room cleared out and spruced up a bit.  He left a lot of stuff that needs to be weeded through - some to keep, some to toss, some to donate.  He and I work opposite schedules and I have waited two weeks to get this finally done, so TODAY IS THE DAY.
I want to get the room ready for guest use, so I hauled out the flannel sheets the boys have used for the last few years and ewww....they are fairly musty smelling.  I ordered two sets (on sale!) from Target and got free shipping, so next week Bubbie's room will get a deep clean, too.  And everyone will have cozy and clean sheets - so nice!  Getting to putsey around my house, cleaning and freshening things up is something I haven't gotten to do lately and I so miss it.  Bring on the flannel sheet weather! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Guess what's in two weeks?!

The Girl visited us last weekend - she was on her way to Waco for a girl's weekend, so Teddy stayed overnight on Saturday.  Then she was back Sunday and it was nice to have her at our Sunday night dinner!  It felt like I got nothing at my house done all weekend (as per the usual lately) and by Sunday night I was dreading the week...then it hit me...
Thanksgiving is in two weeks!!
With my new work schedule I have gotten far less done in the mornings than I had hoped I would, including getting any plans made for the holidays!  So while The Girl and I chatted about Thanksgiving, I made a quick menu out, and a plan.  And not surprisingly, it's very simple, with all the "tried and trues" we've come to love about the meal.  Nothing Pinterest-inspired, nothing fussy.  But if we do a little advance prep, we can eat as a family around noon, and visit together all morning with a minimum amount of fuss.  Then I go into work at 2:30, which is kind of a bummer, but I will have the following FOUR days off to spend with my peeps!  And for all of that, I feel a little less stressed about it, a little more thankful!  So that's my Wednesday today - step one is getting to the grocery store before work so I can start my shopping and prepping!
How about you?  Do you have a plan to start the holidays off right?  Give me your tips!


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