Friday, April 17, 2015

Me versus the shredder

I didn't start out trying to make an unholy mess on my newly mopped floors.  I was only trying to catch up on shredding documents.  I've had a basket of them sitting in the garage for five months.  (I also have a mountain of things to file, but that's gonna happen later this Spring)  My being out of commission means the infrastructure here has suffered...
Exhibit A:  The crappy shredder that LIES because it says it will take up to 12 sheets of paper, but it will not.  It's our second shredder - we kill appliances.  I have a sneaking suspicion that something left this house unshredded and that is why my credit card account got hijacked a couple years ago.  Shredders are a good thing.  Going 100 paperless would be an even better thing, I realize.  But we still have documents and old bills that will need shredding in the future.  So...
 Exhibit B:  The mess created from me taking the darn thing apart and unplugging the paper jam.  Yes, I used a skinny wooden ruler to assist.  Yes, I broke the ruler.  And  plastic fork.  Ditto a plastic knife.
Two more clean-outs and two and half bags later, I had gotten a chunk of paper so wedged in there it wouldn't budge and I knew I was finished shredding indefinitely.  I got the bulk of it done, so after thirty minutes of troubleshooting, I officially gave up.  Rather than give Hubby yet another thing to fix (the leaf blower is higher up on the list of things we need fixed) I think I will set this out on the next Big Trash Day.   I'm the only one keeping up with the files and such anyway.  Executive decision: go quietly to Wal-mart and purchase a new one.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Monday, April 13, 2015

Winter sweater storage

It was getting to be so crowded on my main closet rail.  Spending time at home this winter shopping on line had produced an excess of things I need to store during warmer months.  Plus, hanging sweaters tend to get s-t-r-t-c-h-e-d out.  And. I'm gonna need room for Spring stuff, am I right? (:
Here's the main stack - sweaters and flannel shirts.  I added my scarves and gloves to this pile, too, so I could free up a dresser drawer.  Hubby's will have sweaters, scarves and about 6 pairs of gloves!  He thinks if one is good, more is better...
I bought two of those 56 qt storage boxes at Target with a box of lavender scented moths balls.  So this project cost me about $16, but I will have and use those boxes forever.  If you've never tried these little sachets I recommend them - they are pleasantly scented and once they evaporate, there's only a little packet of paper left.  No dust on your clothes at all.  I wiped down the boxes first with a lavender scented cleaner.  Love the smell of lavender!
This closet is a work in progress.  (Can you tell Hubby is in love with hats and caps??) I still need to chunk the old printer out into the garage.  Why it is still living here?  Because up til now I could not carry heavy things out of here.  EVERYONE AT MY HOUSE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.  Mrs. Clean is back in town!
One for Hubby, one for me.  Eventually, all of the pictures on the shelves will get hung up, too. I want everything off the floor and the shelves available for when we need them.  Baby steps!
I tried free-handing the monograms with a fat sharpie.  Artistic, organized, and now my hanging clothes have room to breathe!

Friday, April 10, 2015

5 thing Friday - yardwork, E Bunny, changing habits, Spring, these people

Just a few short weeks ago, this is what it looked like in my yard.  I know it isn't the greatest pic but, there is dead and scraggly looking lantana, leaves choking up the grass, weeds and baby trees sprouted in the Wandering Jew bed.  I was ITCHING to get out there and get it whipped into shape.
 Fast forward to the last weekend of March and after four hours of yard work, three of us called it quits.  But we manged to rake and scoop 13 bags of leaves and yard waste:
 I still have a bunch to do, but it was a great start.
Hubby mowed the rest in.  Just in time, too, cause the next day all of the oaks in the neighborhood went berserk and everything is covered in pollen and those crackly things,  Yuck.  No more leaving the windows open either, cause that pollen settles on everything inside, too.
 Easter sussies for my peeps. Next year I will get a little fancier...
Last slammer meal for a while.  {Oh, how I love them}  I read that losing 1 pound is like losing four pounds of pressure off your knee.  Since the doc and PT advised I keep moving and lose some weight, I set up a basket for my lunch items, similar to what Hubby does. 
He keeps packets of tuna or salmon, canned sardines and oysters, protein drinks, peanut butter, almonds, granola bars, etc.  I will keep these baskets stocked with pantry items we can grab to boost lunches at work.  No more eating in the cafeteria or ordering out.  It's too expensive, too much food, and takes away from time you can sit with feet up at lunchtime.  
Scout has been taking lovely photos lately.  It doesn't hurt that it's spring and there's so much to photograph.  Have I mentioned before I am happy winter is OVER?  Also, did you know that ladybugs bite?  Seriously.  My mother told me that, but not until very recently.  I don't think I've every had that happen to me and I caught dozens of them as a child.
I ordered a magnet for my locker at work of this happy couple.  
Right before all heck broke loose last Fall.  We need to get busy planning what to do for our 30th.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Monday, April 6, 2015

How not to cook dinner

This post is inspired by me not wanting to stand at the stove and cook.  And why should I?  We have at least three nights' worth of leftovers in the fridge, I am tired, and I still have to go on my evening walk.  And lordy!, we are spending a lot on food lately.
I pulled it all out of the fridge to make up some plates.  Covered them with wrap, wiped the inside of the fridge. Rinsed and stacked the dishes until...
 ... a teenager becomes available to unload the clean dishes.  {Another good reason not to dirty up even more pots.}  Tonight's meal will dirty exactly four plates and four forks.  I might even reward them with dessert - we'll see.
Nuke it and eat it.  
There are two plates of spaghetti with peas and carrots, and two plates of chicken enchiladas with beans.  First come, first choice.
{I think it's brilliant}

Friday, April 3, 2015

Thrifting like my old self!

I stopped by my favorite thrift shop after my frustrating run in with Occ Health last week.  I needed a couple books to read and Bubbie and I were a few days away from our library jaunt.  It was fun to walk around (and good exercise) and I found a few things I can actually use.  No bringing home things I don't have a purpose for - that's my new motto.
 I spent a whopping $11.  Two books for a buck each.  I found them on Amazon here and here.  I think I did pretty good, considering. No shipping to pay! The book selection at this thrift store is pretty paltry, but I was happy to score these. 
 I also found a Rubbermaid butter saver (retail $10) for 1.50.  I never buy anything but real butter so this will keep an open stick from tasting like the fridge. This Fiskars mat is in mint condition (retail $20) for $2.25.  I love my rotary cutter, so this will be put to good use.
Lastly, this accent mirror was $5.25.  I have a spot to hang it, but I'm thinking I might spray paint it - not sure when I will have time to do that, though.  Tomorrow I start back at work.  Which doesn't mean I won't have time during the week anymore to thrift shop.  In fact, it may be just what the doctor ordered.  What about you?  Done any thrifting lately, or are you mainly trying to purge for Spring cleaning?


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