Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Frugal Weekend re-cap: beer, firepit, Mexican food, home

Hubby and I have a plan to spend less money on the weekends.  Which will not mean we will have less fun, just that we will try to be mindful of a budget for going and doing.  This last weekend we enjoyed dinner and a movie {The Invention of Lying} at home on Friday night.  On Saturday morning, I got a few things done: ran to one bank, paid the car notes at another bank, ordered some shoes and a printer cartridge, did a load of laundry, brushed Teddy out, and worked in the front yard for about an hour and a half.  I actually didn't mean to do a lot of "chores" but I was on a roll!  After getting cleaned up we headed to Marble Falls. 
We enjoyed a fish lunch at Captain D's, followed by the Cherry Scotch Ale release at Save the World.  Truthfully, we could have stayed there all afternoon, playing dice games and drinking beer, but we were looking for relaxation, not crowds, and the allure of the firepit at Highlands beckoned. 
I hope I never get tired of it!  We hung out until dark, then headed home to have leftover meatball soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, which were both delightful.  And I think after that we crashed!
The next day we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at Tex Mex at Rosie's Tamale House.  Minutes after this plate was served it was GONE.  I've read quite a bit of negative reviews about Rosie's and granted, its not a fancy Mexican restaurant by any stretch of the imagination, but we really enjoyed it.  Afterwards, we stopped by Family Business and drank a beer out in their shady yard, listening to live music and playing cards.  Then we headed home around 5 to let Teddy out, enjoy a dinner of salmon patties, snow peas, and Thai chopped salad followed by a scoop of ice cream and some cinnamon apples I had stewing in the crockpot.  All delish.
I estimate that we spent a little less than $70 for the weekend, versus the $200 we had fallen into the habit of.  It feels more creative to live a frugal life, and I am sure that we will have no problem finding fun on the weekends!


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