Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Michief managed in the garage

The Girl returned home from Atlanta last Friday.  I hadn't meant to rope her into helping with this monstrosity on Saturday morning:
But to be fair...there were a lot of her things out there, too. The pool?  Teddy's.  And also a dog crate, some files of hers, all of her childhood memory boxes, Barbies, and Beanie Babies...and I needed as many volunteers as I could muster.  After making them a huge breakfast, we got started.  Amid much grumbling.  MUCH.
And I say the results are worth it.
Once Firstborn comes and gets his things we will have a space to park a car.  Think of it!  We hung some paintings we inherited from Hubby's late sister,  found some charcoal we didn't know we had, moved that Christmas tree and all the lights off to the side...
...made space for my crafts and tools (the white dresser), stored all of the coolers and scout camping equipment...even created a spot to place the stuff basket and such that goes up to Highlands with us each weekend.  
We also made the tools and lawnmower a little easier to access.  Hey, it won't win any design awards for garage storage or organization, but you can actually move around in here safely and FIND what you need!
The Girl and I laughed over the "super valuable scrap wood" that Hubby insists on keeping.  I mean wood doesn't grow on trees or anything...
You can actually get to these ladders and spare tires!
And yes, we got rid of a lot - either through donating or putting in the trash, but either way, we have a little more room to breathe in here. 
 I took my two helpers to Fairweather for a cold hard cider and some down time.  Another project down!  And not a moment too soon as the Texas heat is on its way...

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