Monday, May 6, 2019

Mealplan Monday #244

Monday - Greek Chicken breast cubes, baked sweet potatoes, chopped salad
Tuesday - Grilled Cheese and Ham Sammies on whole grain bread, sliced red onion and tomato, grapes
Wednesday - Teriyaki Seasoned Salmon, fresh green beans with mini red potatoes
Thursday - (freezer) Pork Tenderloin, butternut squash cubes, skillet kale
Friday - Quinoa and Italian Sausage with peppers and onions (Heat and Eat Bowls)
Saturday - YOYO*
Sunday - Shredded Chicken Salad on Hawaiian Rolls, multi grain chips, fruit

*Last weekend we found ourselves with lots of leftovers from a Scout cooking event, including pre-cooked Italian Sausage.  I tossed some of it with some Trader Joe's ravioli and sauce and it made a one skillet wonder that I am adding into my Saturday night dinner rotation at Highlands!

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